Core Skills for Work Life Balance

We will in a collaborative world. Be it at home or the workplace we collaborate with other people to get things done. To be successful in whatever roles we play, we must know the skills that make one efficient.

Each of our roles might require a specific set of skills but there are a few skills that stand out irrespective of our roles. These are skills that are relevant both professionally and personally. Here are my top three:


The pace at which the world around us change is ever increasing. We are exposed to new ways of being and doing things every day. Adaptability is being perceptive and open to the changes happening around. The change could present itself as a need for upskilling at work, new responsibilities at home, or needing to balance focus on emotional and physical well-being. Being adaptable doesn’t mean one has to react to all the presenting changes. By being adaptable, one realizes the importance of a particular change for oneself and proceeds to respond to the change with awareness. Leaning on supportive people and motivating groups will also help you through the process.


Listening as simple and natural an activity it sounds is an important interpersonal skill. We are most likely to assume that we are good listeners because we have been doing it all our lives. Active listening involves maintaining eye contact, expressing through your body language that you are interested in the conversation, and repeating back what the speaker has said to show that you have heard them. Active listening is about listening to understand much more than listening to respond. Improving your listening skills will help you to influence through your ideas, be effective at managing conflicts, and making meaningful relationships both personally and professionally.

Time Management

One common underlying reason for daily stress is difficulty in getting things done on time, be it a personal or professional responsibility and most importantly when it comes to balancing between work and life. Difficulty in managing time can make one start feeling incapable. Prioritizing one’s responsibilities and tasks is one way of being kinder to the available time. By prioritizing, one can choose to take up tasks that matter and say no to ones that are not important. Delegating tasks is another way to add time to one’s time bank. Time is a limited resource and making the best use of it brings joy to work and life.

Mindfully practicing the skills of adaptability, listening, and time management will add valuable skills to get the best out of work and life.

Mindfully practicing the skills of adaptability, listening, and time management will add valuable skills to get the best out of work and life.

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