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I have been a Recruiter for the last decade of my life and so I say this with experience, that only having a fancy resume won’t get you the job that you are desiring. How many of us can relate to applying on an open job positions and then being ghosted for months by the Company? So if we are really committed to finding a job, we must take matters into our own hands. Let’s take a look at some of the non-traditional ways to land a job you have always longed for.


List of 4 Non-Traditional Ways To Land A Job


#1 Attend conferences & meet-ups related to your job role or skills:

Be aware of the major conferences in your city or country that are related to your role or skills. There is always one such event in a year conducted by a major certification body or associations that you must attend if possible. This is where you will get to connect with people from the industry, your dream companies and an opportunity to exchange email id’s, thoughts and ideas. You can then leverage this by following them on professional platforms like LinkedIn or Github (if you are a techie) and see their work, connections and Company they follow and keep increasing your network pool by adding new connections. One of the fastest ways to get noticed by a company for an open position is through a referral. Most companies have a set process where Recruiters have to reach out to a referral within 7 days of application. So there, at least you will have an answer, even if it only reads no.


#2 Don’t wait for the door to open. Knock on the door instead

I have seen many who say, “I have applied to XYZ company, now all I can do is wait and watch”. If I have to be honest I was one of them for a very long time. This is not a lottery, this is your career and you need to work towards a definite end. If you have found the job you care enough to apply, go a step further. Find out who is recruiting for that role, find out the office contact details and call the landline to get in touch with the Recruiter or better still email them. I remember a friend who did that back in 2008 when recession across the globe was bad, but her persistent attitude landed her and me a job. Sometimes, we must be more aggressive to achieve what we want. The key word her is aggressive not irritating, so do know when to stop and not over communicate or keep emailing or calling them.


#3 Don’t just say it. Show it

Do a project or build a website, make your portfolio, show the world what you are capable of. I think in the busyness of life, we forget to invest in our talents. We do the work that is thrust upon us with little to no thought and get going with our lives. Take some time out to create something. If you are an engineer, work on a personal project – build an app, work on learning a new language, mine bitcoins, do something that you don’t have to do, but want to do. It is in moments like these that you find yourself, your confidence and your true capabilities. And most often than not, we are surprised at the reflection of us we see.


#4 Go out and make a name for yourself

With borders blurring and global exposure being so common, each one of us have an equal opportunity to shine. You just need to find your voice. Do you love writing as I do, then find an organization who shares your passion and start writing for them. If you like speaking, find relevant conferences or communities you can be a part of, where you can impart your learning. If you like to read, then do that. Whatever, you feel you are good at, do it and share it with the world. Let your name be published or imprinted on the world wide web (in a good way). When you add these credentials to your resume, it makes your profile more desirable and holistic.



Gone are the days when we used to hold our resumes tightly in our hands, neatly packed in a transparent holder. Today, companies don’t even bother asking for your resume copy during interviews, you may not even walk into the office until it’s your first day and now with remote working culture sneaking into our homes, you will never need to leave home to get to work. In an ever-changing, dynamic professional world like this, do you still think only a resume explaining what you have done, will be enough? Don’t just be someone who wants to work with them, be that one who they cannot work without.

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