Relationships contribute immensely to an individual’s happiness, irrespective of genders. The quality of our relationship largely decides the quality of our life. And when it comes to women, relationship always matters the most in her life. Moreover, if she is a working woman, it is even more challenging to keep up the expectations of others around her and manage the Life-work balance.

Being a working women means financially becoming independent accumulating your wealth and becoming a part of the financial decision making process as well at home. Now, this can create challenges to our personal relationship because our social roles still remain rooted in the past.

Whether you are a professional woman or engaged being a successful home maker, here are some of the practical tips which may help you to achieve healthy relationship with your family, at work place, and also bring financial harmony in today’s new demands, expectations and reality.

The fundamental aspect of a relationship is to understand that relationships are established at different levels according to our needs in life.

When we have a good relationship with someone, we feel so complete and content that we are at our best to perform wherever we are.

  • Learn the Art of Delegation, Communicate, the human way:

If you are both a mother and a working professional as well, it would be really challenging to achieve the balance in performing at work place and also fulfilling your parenting duties. So to avoid burnout, strike a balance between your work, by communicating well with your colleagues and teams, and family members to share the work load as and when needed.  A relationship of trust and love is the need of the hour to be developed in both the places. Then, when you need to go to work, your family knows how to adjust, and when you need to pay little more attention to the family needs, the work would willingly adjust. Creating that kind of relationship on both ends has become a mandate need of the hour.


  • Be an integrated Being:

Understand the real meaning of Masculine and Feminine Energy that flow within all of us irrespective of our genders. As the masculine energy has the need to protect, so as the feminine energy has the desire to nurture. At times, an unhealthy mind may develop a sense of false ego resisting not taking help from masculine source and vice versa.

An integrated being, be it a man or a woman, evolves through this,                  enhance their perception to balance both the energies within.

  • Declutter yourself at the right time, Have Clarity:

Understand the fundamentals of Life and keeping that as the vantage point set your priorities. Juggling with multiple things and multiple roles can put relationship under pressure. Realize this simple truth that we always can’t do it all. So giving and asking for support is always a great option.

  • Transform your feelings to an Emotional Intelligence:

Emotion is the primary and the most vital ingredient for a healthy relationship. An unemotional home or a workplace becomes an unrealistic environment to live with.

Please realize that we are interdependent on each other, so to support each other is the only option which nurtures our relationships in life. Being fluid and flexible in nature and accepting situations empowers us to handle situations in the best possible ways.

EmotionalIntelligence if practiced, it will bring about rapid career growth as it is a prerequisite for all the success in the workplace and, in our lives. Relationship always matters and empowers you magically if seen as an advantage. It’s all about knowing how to use them.

Enhance, Empower and Enjoy your relationship, because Relationship Matters …

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About the Author:

Premsai Samontoray, is a Master Trainer in Life Skills with an inclusive attitude towards life. She is a motivational speaker who facilitates people to think and act to explore their true potential in their life. She has overall 12 years of training experience and has trained more than 10,000 professionals in Life Skill at various levels of management in various Corporate and Engineering Colleges. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

 In addition to her innate passion towards the training profession, she is a Certified NLP Practitioner, a Blogger, a Painter and a Yoga Practitioner too. She treasures all her multi-domain experience as they have brushed, groomed, and mentored her professionally as well as personally.

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