“Once a homemaker, not always a homemaker”

You are blessed with the ability to bear the offspring of the human species. The teeny baby that just arrived out of you needed you the most and you went for a career break. There are some capable women who got back to their jobs right after their maternity leave was over. Then there are some lovely homely ladies who decided to stay at home just to look after their little ones. Well, kudos to both of them.

Let’s talk about the homemakers. Dear homemakers, I know you might now be cozy in the comfort zone of your house, venturing out only to run some errands or meet a few friends. But I also know that you do have a secret desire in your heart to go back to the job you once had, to do something- anything to get back to the life of a proud, working, independent woman. If you don’t, here are a few reasons why you should:

  • Money- Although most people overtly accept the philosophical convention that money doesn’t bring happiness, the thought of having abundant money in their possession is exhilarating for many. You could earn yourself and contribute your share to the income. You can even save some of it for your child’s education, the latest car, an exclusive holiday trip or the exceedingly overpriced branded dresses you longed to have. More the money, more the exciting stuff can you buy. In case you are not a money-minded person, you can conveniently ignore this and have a look at the other reasons.
  • Breaking the monotony- You can’t deny that the life of a typical homemaker involves same old household chores- cooking, cleaning, and looking after the needs of fellow family members. I know you love your family, but all those tasks are pretty boring, right? Getting back to your career would be a nice change from the tedious life at home. Go get a life outside of the house, too. Hire a maid and parade to the workplace!
  • Reviving education- Undoubtedly, you spent your entire childhood, teenage and early adulthood working your way through numerous textbooks, assignments and trying to cram the information into your grey cells. You didn’t do all that for nothing, did you? The workplace is deprived of your valuable knowledge and experience. Just go and play your part there.
  • Exploring your potential- You left the job for the home, didn’t you? Did you have any idea about how far you could have gone in your career if you would have still continued with it? No? Then there is still a chance for you to discover your potential and reach the zenith of your abilities. By all means, do not let your career break conceal your capabilities or let them go unexplored or unnoticed. So, grab a job and get going!
  • Peeking at the world- There are high chances that living a life as a homemaker would deprive you of the goings-on in the field of your career. The world has fast changed since you last visited your office. Once you get back to work, you can catch up on what you missed so far. Also, if you are a little irritated by the behavior of your clan, you may encounter some worse people in the office, which will make you start liking the former.
  • No more taking for granted- I could bet my life on this: if you are a homemaker, you are always, often, or rarely, but definitely taken for granted by the members of your family. You stay at home ready to wait upon everyone and catering to their needs, only to end up getting others’ disapproval. Being a homemaker is a respectful thing, no doubt about that. But it seems that people don’t realize the fact. They may pamper you once a while, but that’s just once a while. Go get a job and watch all of them suddenly appreciate your presence and importance which you should be getting as a homemaker anyway.
  • Feeling better about yourself- There is nothing wrong with being a homemaker. However, a job or a pursuit of your passion as a career would give you a sense of accomplishment and independence. As a homemaker, you work primarily for others, but here you would be doing something for your own satisfaction. And that, ladies, is very important in life.

Just because you become a mother, you are not entitled to be stuck up at home. If you possess enough motivation, get back to your career and try your luck. If you think that will divert your attention from the house, look on the brighter side that you are going to be an excellent role model for your kids. They will look up to you as a strong woman who did not give up on her dreams. Although there is nothing wrong with being a homemaker (remember, you are equally awesome), there is a world out there, too, waiting for your return.

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About the author:

Radhika completed her B.A. and  M.A (Gold medal) in Sanskrit from the Mumbai University. She has a passion for languages especially English, Sanskrit, and German and has written articles on Upanishads. She provides content development services. She likes teaching and writing. Her hobbies include reading and listening to music.

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