Well, simply speaking- productivity is the result or output. But it’s a little more than result, its efficiency of result. Who told you, more work is more productivity? Productivity has many factors associated with it. Work is just one dimension to look at productivity. In fact we should consider many more aspects to productivity.

Prudence of Time:

Time and Tide waits for no man. Time is always hooked with productivity. Timely delivery is the key aspect to sustain any business. Hence it’s wise to be aware of time management. “Do, Delegate, Delay”- are essential elements of time management. Prioritize the job and do it right away. If you can’t do it then delegate it and get it done. In fact Dale Carnegie once said-“Those who don’t learn to delegate die young” .That simply summons the importance of delegation. Also say, if you cannot get many things done at a time, we can of course wait a little i.e. delay job and better concentrate on job at hand.

Prudence of Work:

The basis of the elements of time is Priority and Perfection. Always know what is important at the moment.  Higher the priority, earlier the chore needs your attention. But how much should it be done depends on the level of perfection expected. This level of perfection should be smartly decided. Always remember – Feed the Eagles and Starve the Turkeys. Not all chores require 100% perfection. In fact think on who decides standards of perfection. Always limit perfection based on necessity.  Relax your standards at times and tighten your standards some other time. Now that, helps you cover most of your commitments generally.

Prudence of Health:

All said and done. Nothing works if the foundation is not strong enough. Health is much beyond the definition of “Lack of illness”. Health gives you energy, intelligence and enthusiasm to begin with. The fitter you are better productive you can be.

Last but not the least -The most unappreciated, underestimated and vital aspect of productivity –REST:

It’s simply a pause, silence, a break that helps you collect back your energy and thoughts. A pause goes a long way to provoke creativity, sparkle intelligence, cleanse your perceptions and open your spirit. Do allocate time for silence; for it only increases productivity and helps you forge ahead clearly.

Productivity can be inculcated in many aspects of life. Productivity is the genuine virtue to beat competition. It enriches life with confidence and elevates standard of life. It bestows you with time to appreciate life.


About the author:

Archana Chaatra – An  engineer  by profession, I was with Hewlett Packard for some years. After an extended maternity break, I am rediscovering my passion and profession. Writing is my passion, so is reading . I am fond of food, health, music, yoga  and all aspects around it. Not to  forget my affinity towards technology. I am currently following lots of new technology and trends as an aspiring returnee to my profession.

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