Expiry of women dream

An eminent line from a well-known movie in Tamil, “36 Vayathinile” (Remake of Malayalam movie, “How old are you”) interrogates like this,“Who decides the expiry date for a woman’s dream?!”. A woman is capable of annihilating all the stereotypes that perch as a roadblock to reach her destination. Be it a lady of the house or a working woman, life inevitably holds a bag full of jolts as well as hurdles for them to cruise. The issues that a working woman face is a scale higher than a home maker, as the latter has to harmonize both career and personal life. Sometimes, she tends to be on a knife edge, that the decisions she seize shouldn’t be a fiasco, at the same time doesn’t let her dependents flounder.

Career, what is at stake for her?

If life is a roller coaster ride for everyone that matters, for working women, the ride is never complete without being jarring and wretched. The responsibilities that she carries at her back keeps adding up exponentially, that, at a point of time she becomes saturated. A woman, after being graduated, gets into her dream job, where her life would have started a steady journey. She presents herself as combative, confident and Independent, at the same time cultivating her knowledge, to sustain her identity among her peers. This takes a whole lot of effort. After all, Rome was not built in a day. She might face failures, backbites, disappointments and much more. Sometimes her efforts would have been colossal, but her hard work been overlooked.


It’s the Decision that defines her!

The responsibility of a woman is even more indispensable, if she is a wife and most importantly if she is a mom, her choices become invalid. It doesn’t mean that every woman, as a mother keeps lamenting about the sacrifices she makes, but the emotional turmoil and the forlorn situations lacerate her wings such that she can’t fly anymore. Her presence becomes mandatory, when it comes to her child. At times life doesn’t give her choices. She is mercilessly forced to take a decision against her will. Though she continues to grip her thirst for her dream career as well as stay as strong as she could at home, she is compelled to let go any one side of the rope. There comes in the priority and what she chooses, defines her. After all these, she needs to be patient and be determined for what she faces, for the mistake she had never done. Hence, it is erroneous to say that a working woman always walk through tough situations, that she must give up her career.


She is much stronger than you think!

What makes a difference from the counter gender is that, crush her and trounce, put her down, she strikes back with all the energy that is surreal. The former first lady of the United States  Michelle Obama quotes,

“As . You . Are . Stronger than you know. More beautiful than you think. Worthier than you believe. More loved than you can imagine. Passionate about making a difference. Fiery when protecting those you love. Learning . Growing . Not alone . Warm . Giving . Generous . Quirky . Funny. Smart . Flawed . Whole. Scared . Brave. And So, So, So. Much . More . Be Strong, Be Confident. Be you”.

It’s not an unwritten rule that a woman, especially those who work has to go through all the ebbs and flows and sacrifice her dreams. The issues that she faces are harder but the firmness and her determination takes her places such that she can even drill an unconquerable mountain.

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About the author:

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