Self Motivation

What can be greater than a few encouraging words by a friend? What can be better than your near and dear ones cheering you on or boosting your morale? The answer is “self-motivation”. Nothing surpasses being your own little motivator. Your lovely bunch of people definitely got your back. But, the urge to work towards a goal should come from within, always. Here are a few ways to be your own cheerleader.

  • Keep goals in mind: First of all, set your goals. Make sure the goals you set for yourself are realistic- getting back to a job, buying a new house, planning a dream vacation or even losing weight, for instance. Whatever work you’re engaged in, always let the goals be there at the back of your mind. Remind yourself of the goals after you wake up and before going to bed. You can write down your long-term goals on a piece of paper, too. That way you would be documenting them and this shows you are serious about them. Don’t let those dreams fade into nothingness. Let visualization of your goals be your first step to motivation. Do not, however, constantly brood or obsess over them.
  • Divide it into little tasks: Now that your goals are sorted, you need a proper plan to achieve them. Plan out daily or weekly tasks that you need to complete in order to reach your goals. If you are trying to lose weight, plan out your diet and exercise routine, and make a timetable. If a job is what you are searching for, break the goal into little tasks like writing your resume, learning a new skill, searching for the job online or networking in a group of employed friends.
  • Treat yourself: The job of setting goals and tasks and making sure you follow those tasks sure is tiresome. Goals alone won’t suffice to keep up your morale. There is a chance you will give up on your dreams halfway. You will, therefore, need something else. Treat yourself once you complete a task you set for yourself. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, munch on a (small) chocolate after successfully following the diet for a week as a reward. If you fail to follow those tasks, you don’t deserve the chocolate. Or buy yourself a new dress once you master the skill your new job requires. Keep rewarding yourself for every little task you successfully complete.
  • Take breaks: Hard work is important. Taking short breaks is even more important. Do not wear yourself out too much in the pursuit of the goals. Make sure the tasks you have set for yourself include short breaks. Use those breaks to relax. Go out for a walk, read, cook, play with your kid or pet, chat with friends – anything that soothes your mind. A relaxed brain always functions better than a tired one.
  • Talk to yourself: Striking a conversation with someone else is easy. Talking to your own self is an art. Whenever you feel low on morale, talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend. If a friend of yours needed moral support, you would be there for her, right? This time, be there for yourself. Encourage yourself in soothing words. Fill your brain with positive thoughts. Do the talking in your mind. If you wish to talk to yourself aloud, make sure you are alone in a room with the door locked.
  • Compare present to past: Once you have started working on your goals, you need to occasionally check how far you have come. Compare your past self with your present self and see whether or not you have made some difference. There are high chances that you would have covered a great distance if you complete the set tasks regularly. And that would motivate you to keep putting in efforts.

Even though your dreams and goals mean a lot to you, they shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the present moment. Fulfillment of dreams is a thing of the future. Working on the little tasks is a thing of the present. Make the present moment as pleasant as possible. Do not let the things you want neglect the things you have. Success isn’t guaranteed. But your efforts are. So you might as well have fun in the process.

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