Traversing the career path

We were on a trip to a new place and were in a cab, trying to locate the address of a relative. The cab driver was also not sure of the interior areas and was trying to spot the location. Of course, the GPS was the one who knew where we wanted to reach and also showed us if the path that we are taking is correct or not. This made me ponder- how wonderful would it be if we also had CAREER TRACKING SYSTEM (CTS), which will help us track our careers.

There are many systems now available in the job market, which can give you a general idea about how career in certain field progresses. There can be many ways to find or track your career. But, there are many factors involved in this to reach a conclusion. And, I believe, ultimately, it’s you, who would be the best one to find what you want to do and simultaneously track your career path in the given conditions. So, we need to design our own career tracking system.

It’s important to have goals in life. At the same time, it’s important to traverse through the right path to taste success. In professional life, tracking the career path is essential. Why do we need career tracking? This helps one to plan, execute and then keep a check on the actions taken to reach the ultimate goal (the PDCA cycle – Plan Do Check & Act).

Many people fail to accomplish their goals on time not because they lack skills and knowledge but because they lose sight of what they want to achieve.

Let us have a look at some pointers on the importance of tracking the progress at work to achieve our goals.

  1. When we track, we are able to focus on important things that we need to do to move in the right direction. This eliminates the deviation risk that can come in the path of achieving targets.
  2. Tracking makes our goal setting easier by breaking big tasks into smaller steps. This further helps to make work easier.
  3. Work and tracking when done simultaneously helps reducing the chances of failures in future.
  4. Regular tracking of what and how we are doing the work enables us to know whether the actions we are taking are working enough to move us closer towards the task completion.
  5. Tracking enables us to improve our ability to estimate the completion of tasks and projects, and will help us gain credibility on estimates we provide to management and prospective customers.
  6. Effort needed to accomplish a task will automatically decrease if we track, which can help make our schedule and estimation’s accurate and up to date.
  7. There is discipline when tracking is done that leads to make ourselves work more efficiently and recognize where there can be distractions.
  8. When we do tracking of those tasks that we are doing currently, we are able to get much better insight for tasks that we will do in future and based on that we can re prioritize our work.

So, best wishes to you ladies for designing your own career tracking mechanism. Even when you are on a career break, you can set your goals, keep track of your path towards your goals and progress ahead.

“If you are walking down the right path…. eventually you’ll make progress.”

 – Barack Obama

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About the author:

Vasudha has a post graduate degree in management and has three plus years of experience in the field of Human Resources. She has been a part time Yoga instructor. She is currently employed as a home maker and enjoys to spend quality time with her kids. She likes to explore new areas of learning.

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