Rajeshwari Vijayanand is the face behind Raks Kitchen. Ever since I left my home for work; my ultimate destination for any recipes is her blog. The step by step pictures which she posts for all recipes helps beginners to understand the nuances of cooking in no time. Being a successful blogger for more than ten years she opens up about the secret of sustainable blogging.

Rajeshwari Vijayanand of Raks Kitchen – Recipe Website
  1. It’s been a decade into blogging. How did it start?

I have never tried cooking nor was interested in entering the kitchen before marriage. After I got married, my mom in law took care of cooking. When I came to Singapore, I had no other choice but to Cook for my family. That’s when I started exploring Internet for recipes and it all began by just recording my recipes online instead of writing down in my diary as a handwritten cookbook. My blog was more like my cookbook online.

  1. There are so many food bloggers, what makes your blog unique?

When I started blogging, there were not as many blogs like it is now. Especially for south Indian everyday cooking. Since I was keen about measurements and good outcome of a recipe, I guess my readers developed trust in my recipes. I was one among very few who started posting recipes with detailed step by step pictures, which made my blog unique and a huge success.

  1. How and when did blogging change into a profession?

After many years of blogging, when I started to get a lot of feedback through comments, mails and messages, I knew I am doing something worthwhile. So I thought I would make it more of my profession than a hobby.

  1. Can we earn through blogging. What are all the opportunities we get as soon as a blog gets noticed?


Yes there are few ways to earn through blogging. As soon as your blog turns 1 year old and has a good number of page views that Google Ad Sense and Yahoo looks for, you can register with them and place ads on your blog. You will be paid as per the number of views you get. You can also earn by posting paid reviews of products, restaurants etc.


  1. Tips for upcoming bloggers?


Blogging should be out of your passion and please do not see it just as a platform to earn. Create good content and out of it you will develop readership, later you can think about earning out of it as well.

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