Boost your energy and productivity at work

Time is prestigious and you must utilize it in an effective way. There are two ways to enhance your output, either start working long hours or do the tasks in a smarter way. Which one do you want to choose? Of course, everyone wants to complete the task in a short span of time. So, why wait for so long? I am sharing some of the tips which you can implement in your working schedule to increase your productivity.

Avoid going to unnecessary meetings

On an average, unproductive meetings cost a number of hours of the employees. Start evaluating the goals of your meetings first before booking your schedule. If you can complete those tasks through phone or email, prefer them and skip such unproductive meetings.

Lay down your own deadlines

There are several open-ended projects which keep on continuing for a long time leading to self-imposed stress. Set your own deadlines for such projects and follow the same. You will be amazed to determine that you will become more productive and focused while setting your own deadlines.

Do the small things first

Most of the time, we leave most of the work for future. At the same time, it starts creating a burden on our mind that we have so many things pending. Why to wait to complete small work which can be done in just five or ten minute’s time. Start completing small tasks first and then move on to the big ones. It will definitely reduce your burden and you can become more productive.

Give-up the perfection illusion

Nobody is perfect then why waste your time to become perfect? Do the best in work as per your ability and start working on next step. There is always a scope to improvise the things at a later stage.

Start taking advantage of your transportation time

You need to travel daily for a number of hours to reach your workplace. How do you utilize your commuting time? Playing game or occupied on social media? Change yourself and start investing this time in reading your emails, messages or planning for the next day.

Stop multitasking

We always think that multitasking is a significant skill to increase our efficiency. However, the opposite is more important. It has been found by psychologists that the individuals who are doing multitasking at workplace are actually losing their productivity and time. Start focusing on one project from now onwards, complete it and then start the next project. You can yourself observe the change in your productivity.

Turn-off your notifications

Of course, the notifications of text, voicemail or email are always alluring. But, if they are creating disturbance in your work… better to turn off your notifications during working hours and make a schedule to check your messages and email.

Take regular breaks

It has been found in the research that individuals who are taking regular breaks are more productive in comparison to those who don’t take such breaks. So, why are you becoming less productive by doing work for long number of hours without taking a break? Take regular breaks and become more productive.

Apply the above mentioned ways in your life and work smarter to increase your productivity at work.

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About the author: 

Neha TanejaI have done M. Pharmacy from Panjab University, Chandigarh and possess 3 years of industry experience in Quality Assurance domain. Took a career break for some personal reasons and started doing freelance academic and content writing. Though, I faced several challenges during this tenure, I am happy that I have enhanced my writing skills during my career break.


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