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What a privilege it is to live in an advanced era of today. Technology has probably made it possible to stay connected with each other irrespective of time zone, geographical boundary or economic status. We take the aid of wireless mode but are constantly wired with people around us. What an irony is that! However, as much as staying connected has helped us get closer virtually, it may have succeeded in pushing us away from each other physically.

A lifestyle where selfies, instagram posts and twitter posts compel us to open up about ourself in the most unusual way, we lose the warmth and naivety of human touch.  Social media is great for staying connected but often stresses us out more than keeping us in touch with each other. We succumb to pressures of trying to look our best for “likes” or fear to be judged for what we post or what we don’t post. So, somewhere the need to be naïve, real, vulnerable, awkward in front of people, among people is also necessary. After all these are the base emotions that help us clear our thoughts and emotions. Human connections are more than staying connected through the digital world. But while technology pushes us to get more and more into our own cocoon, the more we need to try and spread our web. Meeting friends, spending quality time with family, socializing, doing meaningful social services like charity, philanthropy, working towards the upliftment of underprivileged ….are few of the activities that can be done to keep our essence in balance.

While we work towards chasing targets, helping others, raising family and many other things, most important is the connection of “me” with “I”. When our inner world is connected enough to sustain the outer world uncertainities of day to day life, then our interpersonal communication with others too improves and stays balanced.

As much as we charge our devices, we need to charge ourselves too. And that recharge happens through spending time with people…whether they be friends, acquaintances or….sometimes even strangers. Many people often go to tourist destinations not just for its scenic beauty but also for the opportunity to mingle with complete strangers from a different culture. Travels give our sensibilities good exposure. We tend to learn from varied people of different cultures and often imbibe some of the survival strategies into our own lifestyles. Taking time to travel and expand our horizons also keeps us positively motivated in life.

As humans we have been blessed with five senses. Out of which the sense to feel an emotion is the most superior of all. But we rely more on technology to do the emote for us. So instead of pouring all the love, affection, on social media, if we displayed the same to people around us, our connectivity with each other would be more clearer. Every relationship whether it be a boss-employee, parent-child, sibling, friends, coworkers or even a stranger in a mall . The relationship comes into existence only after people connect on a similar frequency. So, as the famous saying goes “ 2 is company, 3 is crowd” can sometimes be given a break. Enjoy being in a crowd as much as YOU enjoy being alone.

About the author:

Padmaja Acharya – From the ancient language of Sanskrit comes my name ‘Padmaja’, derived from Padma (meaning lotus) and Ja (meaning to take birth from). A woman as created by the divine. An Engineer and MBA by virtue of education. A dance choreographer, teacher by virtue of passion. A soft skill trainer and educator by profession.  An author and speaker as guided by my calling. This is what encompasses me.

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