pathways to selfcare- part 7

Having seen how one can benefit by caring for self in areas of leisure, physique, mind, and intellect, the area of focus in the last blog of this series is Social Self-Care. Social self-care is a self-care practice that focuses on one’s sense of identity, belonging, and involvement.

We can practice social self-care practices across various social circles that we are a part of. Social circles are groups that we identify with and they include family friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues, and other networking groups. So what are social self-care practices?

social self care


Be it even during socially distanced times, social connections have a direct impact on one’s emotional and physical well being. People who extensive support networks lower rates of anxiety improved quality life. Maintaining can come in the form scheduled catch up times with people your circles, be online using media or offline over fun activity. 

One make new by making friends. Making friends as an adult challenging but reaching out to individuals shared experiences such parenting, fitness, activities are ways personal connections. Being part professional group Her Second Innings, signing for skill upgrade classes, seeking mentors mentees create connections.


Healthy social self-care practice includes the way one sets boundaries in relationships. Setting boundaries is knowing what behaviors are acceptable and not acceptable to you in each of your relationships. Learning to communicate your thoughts instead of assuming, learning to say a No to unreasonable requests, and making yourself a priority are ways to set boundaries. Though setting boundaries might seem rude to start with, it ensures that you end up with caring and respectful relationships, thereby creating strong and lasting relationships.

Community Engagement

Social self-care practices are not just about taking something for self but also giving back to one’s social circles. Volunteering, a manner of the community, doubles up as way build new connections. If you clear where volunteer, can start small in an area that most passionate about. Reach out local NGO and ask open opportunities volunteer or take on our own like teaching cleanup drive. There is wide range skills one hone while volunteering such adaptability, improved interpersonal skills, at same time feeling sense achievement.

Practices help us maintain healthy relationship with ourselves make available receive best what world has offer us. You worthy love care. Go ahead, give yourselves permission habit, find your bloom all areas lives.

About the Author

Jennifer Moses is a Career Guidance Coach at HerSecond Innings and Counseling Psychologist based out of Bangalore. HSI community members can reach her by making appointment Coaching.

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