Copy writting

What is Copywriting?

Social media marketing technique and it’s quite high paying job as well. Do you remember that we usually leave our mail ids in most of the shopping sites? Since then our inbox would be spammed with promotional mails,  few of the mails would grab our attention and we will fall prey for the item and we will go to the website and grab the item. Have you ever imagined about how those advertisements are made?

A copywriter is the mastermind behind all these marketing mails who attracts the customers and makes a successful business.

Basic Mantra: Speak how you feel and write how you speak

Simple advertisement will give you a clear picture of what Copywriting is?

The sample flyer on the left side is quite monotonous one, whereas the next one is quite unique and we will definitely fall for it because everyone relates the second with their food habit.

Prerequisites for a Copywriter:

  • Understand the nuances of Copywriting
  • Pulse of CW in industry
  • Types of CW
  • Take a course and be active in following the groups in social media
  • Create an identity and start travelling in it.

Content Writing Vs Copywriting:

Being a blogger I have heard about content writing is when Copy writing came to lime light I was bit confused about the variations and I guess even you must be too while reading this post. Here is a short note on how they differ,

Content Writing: Journalistic kind of profession. You do tones of research on the topic and write the essence of it in a limited way. Like how I am writing it for you.

Copywriting: Deals with advertisement. You write to promote a particular product. Say if I suggest any copy writing course personally in this post then it would be copy writing.

Have you chosen Copy writing as your alternate career? Need to know more

If you are a bookaholic then the link is for you.

Else if you are fond of e-learning then Visit  Kopywriting Kourse and CopyCure it’s very interesting.

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