Effective ways for productivity

It’s general human nature to end a day with sigh of relief and satisfaction knowing that the tasks have been completed both seamlessly and efficiently.To avoid hitting end of the day slumped behind a desk stacked with unfinished works, following are the six effective ways to improve productivity at workplace.

    There might be list of crucial objectives that absolutely need to completed during a day move the goals forward without any grapple.The best way break down is use spreadsheet or EverNote. Note tasks needs carried out each and focus on end pending activities.

    1. Breakdown the tasks into Batches :

    After listing out the objectives, segregate tasks based on priority of completing it that day. The most important first and then continue to work other one by one. A chapter in Stephen Covey’s book “The Seven Habits Highly Effective People” stress “First things First”, where states that, if we give importance smaller initially, occupies room, tend forget giving larger picture.

    It is absolutely fine to help others in workplace whenever needed. At the same time, it’s definitely alright to say ‘No’ to people since concentrating and spending more time on things that doesn’t come under part of crucial objectives, will make the day counter productive. Always give sometime at least to complete the goals that are important and try giving heed to people who are in need of help.

    We have often heard that multitasking is pernicious at workplace. It’s a productivity killer.Too many people fall into the trap of multitasking, unable to give hundred percent task,failing miserably. This ends up in repetition work workplace which subsequently brings down productivity.Concentrate on one task time, since it also lowers IQ according tiding research.

    1. Cut down the distractions :

    Nilofer Merchant, HBR Writer and founder of Rubicon Consulting shares an advice. Eagles refer to the important tasks that has to be carried out in a day to be productive. Turkeys refers to the distractions that comes by the way. She says, one need to concentrate on the tasks to be completed. Distractions like emails, social media are like turkeys which tends to take much of our time. One need to avoid such distractions to be more productive.

    Getting enough sleep and exercising are also a part of bringing up the productivity at workplace. One must need to take care oneself stay healthy happy. All positive vibes that one acquires is most vital tool make day productive. The more healthier, being productive.Keep away all negatives gloomy thoughts refreshed. This motivates complete tasks on time.

    Tomorrow becomes never.No matter how small the task, take the first step now” says Tim Ferriss. Planning the objectives properly and avoid delaying in carrying out tasks will not pile up things one can end day with complete satisfaction of work productively.

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