Sabbatical Mith

Sabbatical is such a fancy word, if you notice. For onlookers, someone on sabbatical is synonymous to enjoying life with the security of a job. Well, only we working moms grasp the gravity of the word. Sabbatical could be for anything, for travel primarily, for higher studies, for an alternate career, for introspection. But for us women, all the above options are luxury. We opt sabbatical for childcare and that has been the primary reason. Once decided on a sabbatical, only a fellow working mother can understand how tough the decision making would have been. Not even your family might comprehend. To them, it is just a luxurious option you have at workplace. Some don’t even have that luxury. In that case we opt for a career break which is even tougher with no security of getting back to a job. For those blessed ones with an option of sabbatical, I have a few thoughts to break the myth.

We do not need an approval from every member of the family for our decision. Some might stand by you and some might not. We cannot go around satisfying everyone. Opting for a sabbatical or not, the final nod is yours. Take suggestions. Weigh them. You decide. It is your career.

If you have decided on your sabbatical, let the uses be multifold and not just child care. Of course, our duties for our kids come first. Apart from that, let us introspect. Find yourself when you are not being a busy bee.

Do not stop socializing. When at work, socializing is a part of the job. You are forced to interact with your colleagues. But when opting for an option to stay at home, mingling with people is a task. Make an effort. It is a stress buster. But only when done with the right people. Else, it is a major stress.

Discover your passion. I always insist and believe in the fact that passion is your purpose in life. It is a medicine to all your wounds psychologically. Time invested in your passion or let us use a simple word, hobby, is never a waste.

Consider an alternate career. This can be optional. If you think you need financial independence during your break, try your luck in alternate career. We have a platform here for that. Suit it to your timings. But, of course, don’t overload yourself.

Self-discipline is a must. Please do not get into the couch potato mode. If you start being lazy, it is tough to revive and be on the job after the break. Don’t ever indulge in laziness. And procrastination is the thief of time.

Prepare yourself for the hurdles you will be facing again when you rejoin work. You already know how it works out there. It’s just that you will be completely out of touch after a long break. So, the task is easy. Just prepare your mind.

Sabbatical isn’t a bed of roses. For busy working women who had financial independence and who had managed both family and work, this career break would be blissful at the beginning, but it would mostly dawn on them one day or the other that idle mind is a devil’s workshop. The reassurance of the job alone keeps them going. Still, mental health is equally important as physical health. It is vital that we do not overdo ourselves in this period. But this break is a need to rejuvenate yourself.

About the author:

Vidhu: Working mom. An avid reader with a rekindled passion for writing lifestyle articles. Restarted blogging after years. Leisure time includes writing and interior designing by which I mean tidying up my house and keeping it hygienic 😉 A woman with no connection between her education and her current job. A commoner. Movie buff.

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