If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit.

Sabbatical is quite an alarming term in every women’s career. Women often opt for it to make their personal transition smoother. I have a decent number of friends in my circle who neither want to give up their career at any cost nor willing to take any break and to my surprise their opinion about sabbatical is more or less similar “I will be outdated and I wouldn’t get any opportunities after this”. Their outlook towards sabbatical is a mirage that has been created over years.

While drafting this post I was collecting stories of non-Celebrity woman with successful comeback post hiatus who can inspire you and keep your spirits alive. But I couldn’t prevent myself telling you about Sudha Murthy & Mary KomI know you all might have read about them.

If you see them through my eyes then you would really find them distinct from other high profile woman.

                                                                          Sudha Murthy 

Smiling Mrs Sudha Murthy the legend standing in the garden
Image Courtesy: By Sunainags, commons.wikimedia.org

First Female Engineer at TELCO, Computer Scientist and Coder during initial days of Infosys. I read it somewhere that at a point Narayana Murthy told her that either of the two should take care of their start up and other should maintain their family. With a heavy heart she stepped out and shouldered responsibilities of her family. She never took foot prints of her spouse and his organization even after Infosys created a identity globally. She rediscovered herself as a Philanthropist and a successful writer.

                                                                              Mary Kom

Mary Kom
Image Courtesy: British High Commission, India, commons.wikimedia.org

She hails from North East Indian Farmer Family. Boxing is everything since her childhood days. In midst she married her man of destiny, delivered a twin took sabbatical post partum. Came back worked rigorously to chase her dream. Now she is a founder of Mary Kom foundation to support athletes across our nation.

The simple success mantra that unites both is “Fueling the Fire of chasing your dreams”. Cherish every moment and a pause in your career is definitely not a hurdle to reach your destination.

Do you want to experience a ‘Me Time’? Few months off from team meetings, onsite calls, deadlines, sitting lethargically in Couch after bidding bye to your loved ones, cooking a complete meal for your family and serving it with Love. Then what are you waiting for? Just go-ahead plan your sabbatical and energize yourself with all positive energies, come back and we shall conquer this world.

Stay tuned  for more successful comeback stories of women among us.

About the author: 

Meenakshi Chandrasekaran – I was writing large lines of codes before my Little Gal happened to me. An avid reader, i spend most of my time in front of books and laptop. Being a first time mom bringing up my girl helped me to gain more knowledge on every stage of parenting so i just wanted to pen down my experience to be able to read it again and again to relive those moments. Other leisure time activities include experimenting in my kitchen, crafts and gardening.

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