Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a software with capabilities to do repetitive tasks. It virtual workforce replace humans from doing repetitive, mundane tasks so that the can be involved in more skilled works.

Macros, Scripts and Bots are all different forms of Robotic Automation. RPA used Customer Service, Accounting, Financial Healthcare, Call centre operations, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management many more.

Benefits RPA

Apart from freeing human workforce from doing repetitive, boring tasks there are many advantages of RPA. The below figure summarises the benefits.


Current trends of RPA

Automation is not new. Looking at the benefits most of industries are using RPA.It fastest growing segment global enterprise markets.

RPA here to stay

Artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and machine learning along with natural language processing taking automation next big level. According researcher Gartner, RPA software will reach more than one billion dollars by a per cent growth rate annum.

RPA in Public Sector

RPA is gaining popularity in Public sector also. It is getting used in many fields of public sector such as Health, Education, Police etc.

RPA along with AI can be used to have fully automated police stations help citizens. The system also reduce the crime by predicting crime, location etc.

In education systems RPA in administration and finance.In registration ofdifferent courses, checking eligibility criteria, validating student information processingthe fees, everything automated.

Teaming of Humans Robots

There will be increase in attendant robots compared to unattended robots. Attended robots,can have conversation with humans and solve problems. Attended Robots work on a part of a process along with humans thus helping the work to get done faster.

Ex: Detection of bombs and explosives. AI programmed Robots survey the area give information regarding position This will be given to humans take necessary actions.

Change in Job Market

RPA technology would replace human workforce from doing mundane repetitive jobs. a report ‘World Economic Forum’ has reported that whereas machines perform various tasks more comparison by year 2025, Robot Revolution is yet going create around about million new jobs upcoming five years.

Prominence Chatbots

Now a days chatbots are more AI driven. With the help of AI and Natural Language processing bots can have more effective interactions with customers and can do customer data analysis.

Medical Robots

There are numerous chatbots already in healthcare to assist physicians, nurses and patients. Youper Yooper’s A.I. monitors improves users’ emotional health with quick personalized conversations using psychological techniques. SafeDrugBot helps doctors information about safety of medication on breast feeding women.

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