With the second wave of the pandemic sweeping across the country, the path ahead might seem unsure for those aspiring for a career come. A year has gone by where learning, networking, and working turned virtual. Though we had been getting comfortable in adjusting to the pandemic forced realities, we were hopeful and looking forward to normalcy when the second wave has shifted back the gears of hope. Amidst the uncertainties, it is easier to fall into one of the following patterns of slumps.

There is no point focussing on my career until the pandemic ends What is the point when I am not going to get a job now anyway?If not for the pandemic, I would be having a job.

Here are three tips to keep yourself motivated through the second wave

1. Keep taking small steps:

Any small movement is better than no movement at all. Allocate just a little time every day to skill up or develop skill competencies. Skill areas can be either a hard skill or a soft skill. What is important is the focus on practicing what you have planned and keeping up with it daily. In no time, you will be expanding your skill sets and along with it your confidence in a career comeback.

2. Focus on what you can control:

The pandemic has been beyond everyone’s control and so are many other things along. Predicting the hiring trend is out of your control. How people around you react and respond to the situation is not within your control. Having a positive mindset about your career is within your control. Unfollowing the constant barrage of news regarding the pandemic is within your control. Creating a balance between personal tasks and spending time skilling is within your control. So put your focus on things that matter to your professional success and the ones that you can control.

3. Acceptance of what it is

As hard as the pandemic has been on your career comeback plans, ruminating on what should have been, what could have been, and what would have been can tire and burn you out eventually. Accepting that the pandemic has made a career comeback a much more difficult process doesn’t mean that you are giving up. The acceptance can free you to engage your efforts in what is possible and thereby start taking smaller steps instead of feeling stuck and frustrated.

A career comeback is not always a smooth sail, during the pandemic or otherwise. Support yourself with the community of fellow career seekers @ Her Second Innings and keep yourself motivated. Moments of difficulties are opportunities to discover your strengths. Cling on to your strengths to tide over the second wave and keep your career comeback hopes alive.

Jennifer Moses is a Career Guidance Coach at HerSecond Innings and Counseling Psychologist based out of Bangalore. HSI community members can reach her by making appointment Coaching.

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