Returning to the professional life after a career break seems very difficult for everyone. Companies often think that the candidate has lost the relevant skills due to career break and they start refusing such profiles. After being an efficient employee for years, an individual’s candidature is continuously refused by many companies only due to career break. Many women on career break are facing such difficulties to return back to their professional life irrespective of their passion to get back to work.

Are you sailing in the same boat? Is this your story too? I must say, Women must not limit themselves due to the limited imagination of others. There are several ways to benefit from your career break. Some of them include:

Bring more positive energy into yourself

Your career break is the best time when you can motivate yourself more regarding your professional achievements earned so far. Try to cherish those professional achievements that you received appreciation for your efforts. It will help you to boost your confidence, and bring more positive energy. You will find more determination and focus to return back to your professional career.

Improvise your skills

Don’t just sit idle during this career break. Taking a course, learning new language or any other skills is of great benefit for you as you will feel more competent.  If you have interest in writing, you can start developing your writing skills like me.

I have started writing after taking a professional career break. It helps me to boost my confidence and gained new skills. Initially, I started by writing as a ghost writer in academic and content writing.

Start doing freelancing jobs

You can stay in touch with your professional career by taking some freelance jobs during your career break. There are various platforms available these days for returning working professionals where you can get freelancing jobs according to your skills. These will help you to stay in touch with your professional life. Meanwhile, you can also start searching for full-time jobs.

Though, even being a certified Internal Auditor, I have not got any suitable freelance auditing job, but I had developed my writing skills and started doing freelance writing. It helped me to stay in touch with healthcare domain.

Are you still waiting for the right opportunity to re-enter into your professional domain? Start focusing on yourself, enhance your skills and get ready to fly.

Become a creator of your own professional life

Based on my own experience, it is not easy to restart your professional career again. The only things you need to do while on career break is to stay motivated, positive, get involved in certain jobs according to your expertise and improvise your skills. Though, it takes time to get back to work but these efforts will definitely help you to again set a benchmark in your professional life.

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About the author:

Neha TanejaI have done M. Pharmacy from Panjab University, Chandigarh and possess 3 years of industry experience in Quality Assurance domain. Took a career break for some personal reasons and started doing freelance academic and content writing. Though, I faced several challenges during this tenure, I am happy that I have enhanced my writing skills during my career break.

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