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Human being, are a rare amalgamation of the CREATOR and the CREATION within us. We are the creator because we choose our food and we are the creation because the food we consume becomes a part of our system. When it comes to productivity and efficiency, they are the natural by-products of an organized mind and body. Productivity can be a natural byproduct only if we love the process journey and work towards it diligently.

Being a woman is the most divine creation of nature. The Universe functions in a certain pattern of cause and effect relationship. If there is a cause, then there must be an effect. And being human, we have the intelligence of choosing on which side of the equation we want to be.

If we are in the cause side, the Life itself becomes a phenomenal possibility because in this equation we choose and thereby get our desired results.

But, if we are in the effect side, we negotiate with loads of excuses and become the mere victim of the situations where we face the after effect of the action we had chosen.

If you learn how to organize the body and the mind, then to be productive and efficient is just the consequence, a natural byproduct.

How to Explore Productivity

While productivity is measurable component, however, fundamentally it stands tall and balanced only on the base of things which can never be measurable. Those unmeasurable and highly recommended components which help you to rejuvenate are:

  1. Set The GOAL, but Love the Process: Focus on the process not the Goal. The world around you is a multitude of rhythmic cycles. The Sun also has 24-hour cycle as it revolves around the earth. There is the rhythmic cycle of aging too; from a cute baby, to the can-do attitude of a teen and an adult, and the contemplative nature of our elders. Ayurveda is the practice of observing nature’s rhythms and aligning ourselves with them. Following the Ayurveda way of eating helps us to understand the food and also connect with it in a certain way thereby enhancing our productivity and energy levels.

Every month, a woman has the natural ability to shed toxins, emotions, and physical blocks that no longer serve her. Her body cleanses and rejuvenates itself during this period. If we do not take care of this subtle process then we mess up with our productivity and efficiency. A fundamental understanding of this rhythmic cycle is a must to enjoy being healthy and as a result you can focus on your productivity.

  1. Decode your Master Plan: Our bodies give us a Master Plan to organize our life: Listen to the communication happening within and respond accordingly.
  2. Compete with Yourself Only: Never doubt your abilities before trying. Train your mind to perceive things as it is without being conclusive and judgmental. Never be psychologically trapped with peer pressure, which is a kind of constipated way of looking at life journey.

”Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” – Marilyn Monroe

Remember, you are much more than what you think. Work on the fundamentals and unleash your potential.

  1. Yoga Regimen for this Sophisticated Gadget, Human Being: As the word speaks “being” means To Be; we are the most sophisticated gadget in this world, we need to work on our tools, the body and the mind to enhance the mileage of our life. A daily exercise and yoga regimen with meditation would work wonders to enhance our energy level and productivity.
  2. Prevent Burnout: Pay attention to the early symptoms of fatigue, and say no to certain activities, when your body demands to refuel. Remember, only you are responsible for your life, and only you can manage it.
  3. Now that you’ve done the inner work, it’s time to take action: Plan strategically about your personal and professional life so that you are all set to fly high.Happy flying!!

About the Author:

Premsai Samontoray, is a Master Trainer in Life Skills with an inclusive attitude towards life. She is a motivational speaker who facilitates people to think and act to explore their true potential in their life. She has overall 12 years of training experience and has trained more than 10,000 professionals in Life Skill at various levels of management in various Corporate and Engineering Colleges. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

 In addition to her innate passion towards the training profession, she is a Certified NLP Practitioner, a Blogger, a Painter and a Yoga Practitioner too. She treasures all her multi-domain experience as they have brushed, groomed, and mentored her professionally as well as personally.

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