The advancement in technology and artificial intelligence is about to achieve a whole new level in the world. In spite of it, these technologies are still not aiding women who had to take career break due to various reasons.  A woman is the central pillar of all the family. She is the essential need for the basic survival of humankind.  Her active role as a daughter, wife or a mother constructs the family as a perfect monument.  Women are so intelligent that their contribution to various industries has boosted the economy of the entire nation and as an individual unit. But, she encounters a phase in her life where a role in the family requires more weight than her career in the balance scale.

When there are circumstances where your focus is needed in other areas rather than your own career is it essential to always take a career break?

No, not necessarily. The decision to take a break has to be taken after thorough consideration of all available options. I have mentioned below a more effective method to achieve a decision by analysing the option’s weightage and outcome. It is always easier to analyse when the thoughts are written down or represented in some form of figures rather than contemplating it over in our head.

List down your reason for the break and check in which category your reason falls under and plan accordingly.

When it is confirmed that you have to avail a break in such case it is always better to follow the below steps,

  • Define the duration of the break and try to restart your career prior to the set duration
  • Update your knowledge on par with the industry standard during your break
  • Always be in touch with your ex colleagues and friends during the break
  • Ensure some time for yourself during the break to connect yourself with industry in which you will resume to work after your break

A career break mentioned in your resume might always raise eyebrows and question your reason. But you must be determined enough to show your full potential that the break has refreshed you rather than decreasing your capability. After all, a working woman deserves a comeback after a break more than anyone for all the sacrifices she has made throughout her life.

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Vijayalakshmi – “An IT professional. I love to paint still pictures, read crime and thriller novels. I am a proud mother of two boys.”

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