Physical self-care is the foundation of all practices. It involves taking care your body and includes areas Diet, Exercise, Rest. Focus on physical vital because it impacts way one functions, how healthy is, key to maintaining energy levels be productive. Because this significance, building habits activities an easier do without much mental effort.

Despite knowing the importance of Physical self-care, many find it tedious to stick on to a focused approach towards one’s diet, exercise, and sleep habits. Perceived lack of time, lack of an immediate need to focus, and the effort one has to put in to exercise, eat healthily and sleep enough to feel rested are the top factors that keep us from being focused. The benefits of physical self-care also have a direct impact on other areas of self-care such as emotional and mental self-care.

So how can one motivate oneself to get into a habit of physical self-care? Building around these three areas is not as easy it would seem. One usually feels lot resistance in exploring options that become successful habits. discover self-care activities fit with one’s needs and wants? Below are tips you could consider the Diet, Exercise, Sleep.


A diet kind food habitually eats. We like eat what we have been conditioned eat. Moving from eating has with, useful look our dietary habits perspective nutrition. “Does current provides me nutrition be energetic, feel good, prevent sickness?” question begin with. By shifting focus wanting follow particular mindful about body responds habits, structure their nutritive needs. go ahead make list foods Check see if meets your body’s health goals plan.


For those who do not have a habit of exercising, it might seem to be a daunting task to find the time and muster effort to start exercising. The aches and pains in the body after a new exercise regime is real and something strenuous to habituate. So is there a way to find joy in exercising? Shift your focus from having to exercise to discovering the various movement activities that would bring you joy. Knowing your favorite movement activity can bring in a renewed focus to exercise without it being a daunting activity to start with. Playing a game of badminton, following a 10-minute online workout routine, dancing to your favorite song, or walking to your favorite neighborhood store, when done regularly are ways to get in movement. The more you start moving, the less daunting you will feel as you add rigor to your exercise routine.


Sleep is the means we rest and recharge both our body mind. Disturbed or insufficient sleep drains one’s mental capacities affects physical health. How can one ensure quality of sleep? By focusing on as a to rest, start by building healthy inducing routines before bedtime. Making list things be grateful for, disconnecting from anxiety-inducing news social media, having set pre-bedtime routine when made habits guarantee restful

Go ahead build your comfortable around three dimensions Physical self-care: Diet, Exercise, Rest. taking care bodies, source energy gift ourselves life filled with purpose, significance, fulfillment. '>This post is the fourth in the series “Pathways to Self-Care.” For the previous part, click here

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