RPA  journey

“RPA would be the most suitable career path for you” she said. “We will provide training and the only thing that we need from you is your commitment to stick to your milestones.”. I had never heard of RPA and was curious to know what it was.” RPA,” She continued, is “Robotic Process Automation” It Is more like a flowchart where minimal coding is required.  I was happy to hear this, because I was looking for something different from what I was doing earlier. 

My Journey Begins

After a break of about 5 years, I really wanted to work; get my life back. But what I wanted was not just another job but something that gave me fulfilment something that really interested me. That’s when I came across Hersecondinnings listed on Google when I searched for consultants for women on a break. I loved the name. implied that it was going to be my next big gig.

The first month was when I faced my inertia, I found it tough to sit before my system and concentrate. But the mentors at HSI were really kind and told me that it would take me about a month for me to get back to speed. We had conference calls every week or twice a week where our tutor handheld us through the training modules on UIPath. I was able to study at my own pace, because I was given enough time to pick up on what was taught and also take care of my kids.

After scoring well on the tests; a new found confidence was bubbling within me. Maybe I can actually get back to work, maybe I will be able to fulfil my dreams. These were the thoughts that ran in my mind while studying.



“Interesting”, is the keyword I would say that would depict RPA, since that was the word I heard others utter once they started learning. It felt more like we were solving a puzzle then studying.

After finishing the course, I learnt that RPA is like the icing on the cake. It is top most interface which is very close to user experience. It is a very creative problem-solving field where one would be able to create organized processes from the defined user’s need.

It is predicted that every business domain would require RPA specialists. So that gave me confidence that I would be job ready in a year or so.

In conclusion, RPA technology is the most happening and fastest growing technology in current times. Be it HR, Banking or Healthcare; every domain would start requiring RPA specialists and the best thing about RPA is its easy to learn and you needn’t have prior experience in development projects to work on this. So, what are you waiting for? Join RPA and stay in tune with current times!

About the author:

Deepika – There are many things that I love to do and I realized RPA is also one of them.  I will continue this journey till my dreams are realized. And I wish you the same. Watching us our kids would also want to chase their dreams.

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