Motivational write up for women

My soul yearns to jump

From the known to unknown…

Many times, I think of quitting as melancholy takes over, but then

I notice two pair of innocent eyes looking up to me and I know

I need to rise again.

This is precisely my state of mind now. Hello everyone! I am a mom two little munchkins who keeps me busy all day, especially during the current pandemic situation. Sometimes, everything capsuled into one – mom, cook, friend, homework helper, butterfly catcher, dancer …phew! While love be with them, for and around also sometimes yearn myself. miss active social life that once had before embracing motherhood second time. That was years ago it already seems like ages. have no idea when how will go back Zumba class, attend monthly union friends, out husband. My job hunting stunt on hold now as companies gone hiring freeze. A career restarter’s journey never easy! This thought made worried every passing day can sense confidence level drooping. But inhibitions were change soon…

One day, a sudden virtual meet with a schoolfriend helped me to get back the required motivation in my life. The incessant chatting and childish laughter filled the room like the aroma of a caramel custard. Our children were surprised to see their mothers like that and they also enjoyed thoroughly. Later that day, while enjoying my evening coffee and listening to the sound of the rain, I suddenly knew what to do – to be myself and live in the present. I started listening to my favourite audio books while doing the mundane domestic chores, going for morning walk in our compound, and started freelancing. Now every night, before going to sleep I sit in the balcony with my dad and look up to my mom, the brightest star in the sky. I realised the struggles of my dad (as a widower) is tough; compared to that, my restarter journey seems easier.

I stopped being there for everyone every time. Instead, I started to distance myself a little only be back with bang. understood that the world will survive without me, some Nowadays, my elder daughter accompanies me walks days and we are slowly nurturing new found love nature. realized just needed one small push kick start life. Life is good have miles go before sleep. Bring it on…I am ready.


“Be what you want be, taking things way they come.”

About the author:

Rajashree Ghosh-Rajashree loves to wear many hats in her life – a fun-loving mother of two adorable daughters (Hiya and Isha), freelance writer co-author, doting wife, mischievous daughter. She be the rolling stone that gathers no moss, for she believes has ‘miles go’ before sleeps.

(The author is guest blogger at Her Second Innings. The opinions expressed are those author.)

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