Acing an interview is a science as much as it is an art, one that requires diligent preparation along with the ability to be at ease in the interview room, comfortable and confident in discussing why you are the best fit for a role.

Here is a list of interview skills that will help you get hired. But, based on my personal experience, first three are the key factors which play major role in a successful job interview. Hence, putting them at the top of the list of essential interview skills –

1. Clarity

We should be very clear in our mind first. Be it about ourselves or the job. This quality further helps to express our thoughts clearly during an interview and forms the best first impression in the mind of the interviewer. It’s very important to speak Clearly, Cohesively, and Calmly. Talking too fast can make you look rushed, flustered or anxious. Make a conscious effort to slow down and speak calmly and clearly. It will help you avoid interview stress.

2.  Simplicity

Being Simple is not being stupid. Infact, it is very difficult to be simple, but once this quality is imbibed, it is very helpful. It is also an important interview skill, which puts forward a great quality of you as an individual.

3.  Sincerity

Sincerity helps in every walk of life. During an interview also qualities like, sincerity and dedication in an individual puts up a good image of the person which is looked upon by all the employers.

4.  Preparation

Winging it is never worth it. Not only will your interviewer see right through it, but your answers (and your self-confidence) will seriously suffer if you neglect to properly prepare. So, prepare well before you face interview. Study well about the Organization and also the job description.

5.  Punctuality

There are very few (if any) excuses that will redeem a late arrival. Do whatever you need to do to get there 10 to 15 minutes in advance of your interview time, whether it’s planning your outfit and packing your bag the night before, setting five alarms or asking a friend to give you a wake-up call, or leaving extra early to account for potential transportation obstacles.

6.  Think Before You Speak

A well thought-out answer is always better than a rushed one. Of course, you don’t want to sit there in silence for 5 minutes as you come up with an answer, but it is acceptable to take several seconds to think before you speak.

Avoid the “ums” and “uhs” and buy yourself time by repeating the interviewer’s question back to them or using a phrase like “That’s an interesting question!” or “I was actually just thinking about that when I read an article on a similar topic, and…”

7.  Being Confident, Not Arrogant

Although you should be willing and able to promote yourself, your experience and accomplishments, make sure you don’t come across as arrogant, narcissistic or self-important. No matter how good you are at your job, you’re going to run into countless obstacles if you lack the emotional intelligence to work in a team and get along with managers, co-workers or clients.

Focus on exuding a kind and balanced sense of confidence and when you discuss your achievements; be sure to give credit where credit is due in order to show that you’re a team player.

8.  Actually Listening

Anyone can nod, smile and say “Right” or “Exactly” over and over, but how many people actually listen? Interviews are especially tricky because you do need to be listening to your interviewer’s question, while mentally preparing your answer. However, if you don’t listen well in the first place, you might miss the entire point of the question and as a result, your answer will fall totally flat. Stay in the moment and don’t let yourself zone out.

9.  Expressing Optimism, With Your Words and Your Body Language

No company wants to hire someone with a bad attitude. No matter how difficult your situation is, don’t bring any baggage into the interview room. That means don’t bad-mouth your former employer or any other companies you’ve been associated with or complain about your personal circumstances.

Be natural, expressing reasonable perspectives through a lens of optimism. Remember, your body language does matter as much as your words. Walk in with a smile on your face, offer a firm handshake and sit up tall at the table, leaning slightly forward to engage in the conversation.

10.   Showing Interest, Without Desperation

Sometimes, it can be helpful to think of an interview as a professional.  Airs of disinterest, apathy or monotony will likely turn off an interviewer as will overenthusiastic desperation. No matter how much you want or need the job, refrain from acting desperate; pleading or begging has no place in a job interview. The key is to express earnest interest in the role and in the company, and passion for the work you do. Keep in the back of your mind that you are a valuable asset as an employee.

11.   Expressing Gratitude

Don’t underestimate the importance of saying “thank you.” As soon as your interview concludes, you should thank your interviewers for their time and for the opportunity to learn more about the position.

Hope these interview skills help you to give your best during an interview. Wishing you the best ladies!

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About the author:

Vasudha has a post graduate degree in management and has three plus years of experience in the field of Human Resources. She has been a part time Yoga instructor. She is currently employed as a home maker and enjoys to spend quality time with her kids. She likes to explore new areas of learning.

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