Beginnings harbor an abundance of hope. The start of a new year fills us with the hope of possibilities of what we wish the year to be. We are inspired to turn a new leaf around. We wish for our dreams to come true. Making New year's resolutions has become a tradition and is uninspiring to not have a list of goals for the year ahead. We earn to set many goals with a 360-degree focus on our well-being. Yet studies show that only 19% of individuals can keep up with their resolutions past mid-January. Change is not an easy process. So, how can you set yourself up to keep up with your 2022 resolutions?

Finding your Why:

Before you start compiling a list of resolutions for 2022, for each goal that you want to set for yourself, know your why? If you want to lose 10 kgs in 2022, find out why losing 10 kgs is important for you. Knowing your why can help you know if you are motivated enough to go after your goals. As you write down your goals, list down three reasons why each of your goals matters to you. If you are unable to come up with a reason, it is time to ask yourself if this goal is as important as you thought it was. The process of achieving your goals gets a shot of intrinsic motivation if you know why you want to achieve your goals.

 Commit to your Goals:


Believing in why you want to accomplish your goals can motivate you to commit to your goals. Committing to your goals involves regularly attending to the factors that help you accomplish your goals. A lack of commitment is a big reason why many goals fall by the wayside. Commitment is much more than a chore of keeping accountability but encouraging to stay energized.There are two ways one can ensure commitment towards goals. 

-Do Lists

To-Don't Lists

To-Do List :

One way of maintaining accountability in attending to what it takes to accomplish your goals comes in the form of 'To-Do' Lists. To-Do lists help in breaking goals into a set of actionable items that can be tracked on an ongoing basis. For a weight loss goal, a To-Do list can include a reminder to 'Eat Mindfully'. Having a specific To-Do list can make it easy for you to track your goals and also measure your progress periodically.

To-Don't List: 

As you commit to your goals, it is also important to know what could stop you from accomplishing your goals. Anticipating what can stop you from reaching your goals and refraining from them makes up the To-Don't list. If weight loss is your goal, the To-Don't list can include 'Avoid sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks.

Celebrate Milestones: 

A milestone in the process of goal setting is a celebration of progress. Each small victory in your journey of achieving your goals deserves a celebration. Celebrating milestones is also a way to pause and be grateful for all factors that keep you moving forward. The acknowledgment of milestones is also a way to build self-confidence. Revisiting your progress and acknowledging the results of your efforts boosts confidence in your potential and energizes you to continue ahead. Sharing success with family and friends is a way of celebrating milestones.

Change opens up opportunities for Growth. When you envision personal growth, a resolve to put in focussed efforts for success increases the probability of your success. In knowing why you want what you want and in committing to a focussed process of working towards your goals lies the secret of your success. Be Inspired. Be Committed. Be the change you wish to see in 2022.

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