Keep the fire

Remember the first few months at work? The excitement, with a touch of nervousness, an unending zeal to learn and prove your mettle is vibrant in start. However, as month’s lapses into years, passion fades slowly work being “just another thing we do”. While this could be attributed multiple factors – monotony, differences reality vs. expected, unclear career path future etc., it’s quite normal feel drifted away course our path. So how do keep fire burning, such variations?

Staying passionate about work is not a one-time effort; it requires constant inner motivation and training of the mind habitually. While different approaches could be adopted, a few that works for me are listed below:

  • Continuous learning: There is always a better way to do things and something more learn. Try explore creative ways of doing your job. Identify area interest, capitalize on the online courses company sponsored programs enhance knowledge. With rapid changes happening around, it’s vital stay ahead crowd by enriching knowledge constantly.

      Uplift people: those with talent potential, but shy away from asking for help. Mentor them. In today’s corporate world, representation women at managerial higher levels hierarchy considerably lower. Build an internal platform groom mentor aspiring candidates, bridge gaps steer them ahead. When you elevate people around you, grow as well.