Issues faced by modern working women

There is no disagreement to the fact that modern day working woman can be called a ‘Superwoman’. She has to balance several facets of life such as Workplace, Society, Relationships, home, Money matters etc. But being a ‘Superwoman is not an easy Cake. As we know that since ages, the female Gender has been through acute discrimination in some way or the other.

Modern Society:

It is said that the, modern day world portrays the woman to be more Liberated, Independent, Educated and in a far better state than the traditional times. Even if we agree to this fact that women are in a better state, the question arises, if this is the complete truth?

There are a lot of problems faced by working woman in modern day world that proves the phrase wrong that, ‘women are in a better state’ now.

Five most common problems faced by the Modern Working Woman:

  1. Social Problems: No matter how modern our society becomes, it has been and still is a patriarchal society. Talking about social problems, working till late hours or doing night shifts are still considered bad across India in many societies. Moreover, safety of women during such late hours has definitely gone for a toss. The reason behind this is again the male dominated society and male ego that wants to stop woman from growing. Way of dressing is another problem a working woman is facing in our society. A lot of people in society has accredited modern way of dressing as the reason for the ongoing rapes as well as eve teasing. In India still there is a notion in majority of the societies that a woman is meant for raising kids, performing household activities such as cleaning, cooking etc. and that she is not meant for earning out of the house and even in some cases take education.

2. Professional: Gender discrimination is inherent even in most of the Workplaces. Although some organizations encourage women to grow and get her share of merit, but there are Workplaces where gender discrimination creeps in some way or the other. There are many positions and even professions where preference is given to the male gender and females are underestimated. Apart from this there are problems like Sexual harassment, less pay, gender bias and even discrimination on basis of looks has been witnessed in some cases.

3. Family Issues: Our society has listed several duties for a woman as mentioned earlier such as raising kids, household tasks, instructions and expectations from in-laws etc. A woman performs these duties not just for the sake of doing them but, she does them efficiently as she cares for her family and kids. Also, she takes her career seriously as she craves for better prospects, growth and making her own mark in professional field. But she constantly has to strike a balance between the two. This involves time management which modern day woman has to maintain failing which the family life gets affected badly.

4. Mental, Physical and Emotional issues: You will definitely agree that a working woman goes through Mental, Physical as well as Emotional problems in her day to day life. Off course there is mental pressure while striking a balance between work and family life. Family rituals, taking leaves, meeting targets at workplace, important meetings as well as Health conditions of family members and kid are a few reasons apart from several other reasons that lead to the problem of mental pressure. Apart from that getting limited sleep or no sleep at all sometimes, not taking meals at proper time, not getting time for physical exercise, not getting sufficient maternity leaves and problems while travelling while pregnancy are some of the Physical issues faced by a woman. On the other hand, Household fights, high expectations from in-laws and relatives, work pressure, not getting expected growth at workplace are some of the emotional problems.

5. Financial issues: A working woman is said to be financially independent but still many situations prove this to be untrue. There are families in the society where a woman has to contribute a substantial portion of her Income or the full Income towards family, husband and in laws. Also receiving less pay and less hike in salary as compared to males are inherent in many professions.


Although we do not have total control over the norms and beliefs of the society such as inequality, gender bias etc. Also, these things cannot be completely eradicated. Still there are some places where there lies some scope of improvement. Education, movies, media, support from Govt. towards equality of woman in every field, woman safety measures, Change, in social thought are some steps that could be taken to give modern day woman a better and happier life.


Despite all these problems modern day woman is fulfilling all her duties and coping with these challenges with a wide smile on her face. A modern working woman does not ask for more preference or better opportunities as compared to males. Rather she just wants equality with the opposite gender. Is that too much to ask?

This article is written by our guest blogger Ruchira Chakravorty.

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