Guest Bloggers Invitation

Her Second Innings Invites Guest Bloggers

Who you are?

  • Someone who loves writing for pleasure or as a profession
  • Passionate about issues faced by modern day working woman be it social, financial or professional
  • Looking for a portal to voice your ideas that could impact women professionals from all walks of life

If you said yes to any of the above? We are looking for you.

What’s in it for you?

  • Be read by over 6000+ subscribers
  • Have your blog linked to our portal along with your name and picture
  • Successful bloggers could be considered for a more permanent role as Content Creator for Her Second Innings

How to submit your interest?

  • Submit a sample blog post of about 500-800 words on any one of the topics from the given choices and send it to


  • Motivational write up for women
  • Issues faced by a modern day working woman (social, financial, home , professional etc.)
  • Career restarting for women on a professional break

Last day for submissions : On Going


All submissions must abide by the following rules

  • All submissions must be original work of the person submitting the article/post
  • Plagiarism or copyright infringement is not permitted.
  • When quoting others, make sure you cite your source. (Give credit where credit is due!)
  • Profanity or derogatory articles/posts that undermine or make fun of anyone in any manner will be automatically rejected.
  • If your blog post is chosen for publishing on our website, you may promote the post, by sharing the link to your guest blog on, on any of your social media platforms (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Personal Blog or Website etc.)
  • Once your post is published on HSI you MAY NOT publish the same article/post on any other media.
  • Affiliate links to third party sites are not allowed and any spam links will be removed from submissions as per HerSecondInnings discretion
  • All SEO links and alt tags will be audited and edited according to HerSecondInnings’ discretion
  • HerSecondInnings reserves the right to edit Guest articles/posts as necessary.
  • HerSecondInnings will share and promote the article/post on its site but does not guarantee audience reach.
  • Guest blogger must submit a short bio of about 50 words to accompany with their article/post. If you’d like you may also submit a profile picture.
  • HerSecondInnings may review and suggest changes to articles/posts and may refuse publishing for any guest article/post
  • By submitting a guest article/post the blogger/writer agrees that you have read and understand the rules mentioned above

We are waiting to hear from you!