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Getting through an interview is an art and that the assiduous preparation, confidence and the proficiency of realizing clearly,the reason behind being best fit for the role are the few of the effective qualities which one might require while attending any interview. Interview, as such is a science that lets you explore about yourself, to know if you really want to work for the company or the people who are hiring find you to be the perfect fit for the designation. Here are the few skills that helps you get through any interview.

Interview Preparation:

It is a good practice to break down 60 minutes of a day’s time before interview, to get yourself prepared for bringing out best in you on the interview day. Read the Job description clearly and make yourself competent for the position. Research the most viable interview questions pertaining to the role that you have applied and keep yourself practiced to answer them. Take time to analyse about the company, their missions and values, about their business and projects

Being Punctual :

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late” said William Shakespeare. Being late might bring down the impression that the interviewer have about you. Get to the interview venue minimum 15 minutes and maximum 30 minutes before it starts. It is well and good to arrange the required documents and keep the necessary details handy to avoid any last minute perplexity.

Keep Calm, Be Concerted and Clear :

Never lose your nerve. Be Confident at the same time Calm and Cohesive while answering the Questions. Don’t rush yourself by talking too fast as it might mislead to the downside conclusion.Never create an impact that you are desperate. Also keep in mind, talking a mile a minute will reflect a fake impression. The way you speak should never make the interviewer feel you are disinterested.

Being Confident vs Being Arrogant :

Promoting yourself with the accomplishments, awards and experience is definitely very important as it gives the interviewer with an insight of how strong your profile is. At the same time, make sure you are not arrogant or snobbish. Portraying yourself as self centered will bring down your respectability. Try to balance the emotional quotient as you might need to work as a team in future. Give the credits when it is absolutely necessary and the Voice’s throw should be confident enough to elate the interviewer.

Listen, Listen and Listen :

Listening is one of the key skills that has to be deliberated throughout the interview process. This is a bit tricky area where you need to actually listen and come up with optimistic response rather that saying “Exactly”, “You are right”. If you fail to listen to what the interviewer explains, the answer that you give might fall flat and the whole scenario would become a mess.Even if the interviewer is prattling, don’t zone out yourself, instead stay focused.

Body language speaks:

Your body language matters as much as your words. Never shy away or show disinterest in your posture. Enter the room with a smile. Offer a firm handshake and sit up tall at the table and lean slightly forward to get into conversation. Look straight into the interviewer’s eyes and answer. Never look around while talking. Too much of gestures will also lead you into trouble. This might distract the interviewer. Remember less is always more.

Being optimistic :

Never do a mistake by defaming your previous employer or any other companies that you are associated with. Always look through the lens of optimism. Give an impact to the person sitting right opposite to you that it should make him feel that the particular quality of yours is astounding and he can hire you for it. While talking about a challenging situation, try to imagine yourself in the situation and explain how you would have solved the problem.

Express Gratitude:

“A moment of gratitude make a difference in your attitude”-Bruce Wilkinson . Generally people forget to realize how powerful saying “Thank you” is. As soon as you complete the interview, take a minute to thank them for the opportunity that has been given to you and for the interviewer’s time. Once you get back home, try to send a thank you email as it create a positive impact on interviewer’s mind that you are really interested in the position.

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