Importance of career tracking

Career tracking or career progression is a yardstick to measure our own growth at workplaceCareer advancement requires that individuals do “all the right things” to get ahead. Climbing the career ladder is not easy. Simply because rung of the ladder step exists with its own complexities. In many organizations, an individual’s career progression is matched with the level of the position for the overall benefit of the company. However the match always does not happen. Let’s take few cases and their solutions

Case 1: You are an employee who is capable of gaining supervisory and management competencies, however, do not want to move into management for many reasons. Maybe the next position may require you to relocate which is a bottleneck for your current personal situation. What do you do then?

Solution: The advantage of higher post is that compensation is higher.  But since you are not able to take up this post due to some constraints then you can have the option of having dual career track in the same organization. If you are a strong performer and can work smart, then you can do both the roles efficiently and get compensated well too.

Case 2:  You have reached your career plateau. Where you feel stagnated and no more are physiologically attached to your job. The organization too is not able to provide you with anything more and you feel like you have reached your limit.

Solution: In such cases, the best option is to let go off the current job and organization and seek employment elsewhere.  Now, this too is not as easy as it sounds. In most cases, moving laterally to a different organization with same position and compensation may not be possible. However, even if the new role is more creative and motivating enough then a slight cut in compensation is too small a sacrifice to make.

Case 3: In a new paradigm shift you want to be more in charge of your career ladder than the organizations trying to chart your course. There is really no control over where they place you, how long and how high they want to go on it. So, you can do few things to keep yourself in the running.

Solution: Communicate openly and directly about career aspirations. Seek visibility for their accomplishments. Let your seniors, supervisors know of your skills and willingness to contribute. Your pro-activeness always will stand out and be noticed. Seek opportunities continually. Learn the political landscape or unwritten rules of the organization.

Currently, the traditional employer-employee relationship no longer exists, and people are self-employed and empowered enough to work as per their will. This however also demands employees and individuals are challenged to maintain their marketability in the business marketplace. From a career tracking perspective, you have the choice of where you want to place your ladder. You have the ability to move as and when you want on the ladder and also move your ladder.

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