Stay Motivated

You’ve finally done it. You’ve decided to take a break from your career. You no longer have to worry about what to tell your supervisor or your loved ones. The decision has been made. The wait is over.

Now what?

Some women have a detailed plan or a specific goal when they leave their jobs. That’s okay. But some women might not know where to go from here. That’s okay too.

If you’re struggling to find purpose or stay motivated while you’re on a career break, you’re not alone. Here are three steps you can take to increase your motivation, sense of fulfillment and overall happiness.

  1. Write Down Your Goals

Take a moment to write down the goals you might have for your career break. Why are you taking a break? What do you hope to gain or accomplish? These goals do not have to be highly specific, but they do have to give you a sense of purpose. This step is highly important, even if you do not plan to return to work. Without goals, you risk playing a passive role in your own life.

Don’t be afraid to create multiple goals for yourself. Your ideas for what you want to accomplish don’t have to be extremely clear. On a personal level, for example, you may want to decrease your level of stress. You may need to take care of your family. If you are looking to switch career paths, your goal might be to find an alternate career.

  1. Create Concrete Objectives

Now that your career break has a general sense of purpose, it’s time to put a foundation beneath your dreams and aspirations. How are you going to reach your goals? What steps will take you where you want to go?

Let’s begin with one of the examples mentioned above: decreasing your level of stress. At first glance, the method seems pretty obvious. You avoid the things that cause you worry or anxiety, one of which might have even been your job. But how can you actively decrease your level of stress? You might try learning a new skill that has always interested you, such as yoga. If you’re on a tight budget or want to start with something smaller, consider going for a walk every day.

If you plan to change your career path, your objectives will look somewhat different. Your first step? Research, research, research. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does it take to become successful in your chosen career?
  • Where and how do you start?
  • What skills does the career require?
  • What skills of your own can you improve?

The more you research your desired profession, the easier it will be to formulate your objectives.

  1. Give Yourself the Time to Breathe

If you are a mother or you have a busy home life, downtime may feel like an unaffordable luxury. However, taking some time for yourself may increase your productivity and help you maintain your motivation. Can’t have even 30 minutes to yourself? Try a five-minute stretch break that can be repeated multiple times throughout the day. Or, try waking up a little early two or three times a week to stretch, walk, read or meditate. If you have a little more time to spare, consider volunteering or taking up a fun, part-time job. A small change in your every day life can have a dramatic effect on your overall health and happiness.All The Best!

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