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To all the women who want to end their career break, do you find getting back to your old career hard? You try everything from brushing up your old skills to making the most of your networking capabilities, yet  lady luck does not favour you, and you are left at home, feeling defeated. This is not, however, the time to give up, but to explore your fortune elsewhere. You got to do something new. Something which you never have done before. Like starting your own business. Sounds scary, but it is definitely worth a try because you never know- you might reach heights! Here are a few home business options for you to choose from:

Day-care Centre: People will always need a reliable babysitter for their kids and babies, and it is pretty difficult to find someone who would tend to the little ones with genuine love and care. Create a safe environment for the young ones at your home. You can begin there and then shift the base to a rented place if the demand is more.

Beauty Parlour: This is another field, where you can’t go wrong. Women everywhere always want to look beautiful and beauty parlours are a way to achieve that. Moreover, many hairdressers give a completely unsatisfactory haircut, and we are left with a bob when we asked for a trim. Invest in a beautician course and commence your business at a small scale. You could be that hairdresser that gives the clients exactly what they want.

Food industry: You could start your own catering business where you can provide delicious food for events. Or you could bake your own biscuits and cakes, and sell them. Start preparing what you are good at and allow the world to taste your recipes. If people love your food, you may even come up with your own brand of food products.

Handmade Craft Business: From greeting cards and paper-quilled earrings to small sculptures and pots. Engage yourself in some creative ideas and come up with handmade crafts and sell your artifacts. Again, you can come up a new brand if things go well.

Online Tutoring: There are websites like Udemy, Udacity, EDX etc. where you can conduct online classes and earn money. Choose a subject of your expertise and start preparing a course. Topics like Math, Physics, Chemistry, French etc. could be designed for school- or college-going students. Apart from that, you could impart your singing, dancing or sketching skills to people online.

Event Planning/ Management: All the events taking place around you like weddings, parties, programs can only function smoothly when backed by event planners. They carefully arrange the entire program to make it a success. Gather your organizational skills and start a small business of event management.

These little startups may not demand your actual educational qualifications, and you might feel skeptical about the whole concept of venturing into something new. But on the brighter side, all these ideas are more interesting and fun to execute in comparison to a 9 to 5 job. And you get to be your own boss. Your determination and efforts to initiate a business idea will give you a sense of contentment. You would feel glad at the fact that you tried your best to unleash your potential even without a typical job. And if your endeavour does succeed, that would be a cherry on the cake, won’t it?

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