How to identify new career……

Career change or an alternative career can be built based on your talents and interests. But if neither are working out you can build  a career by analysing the market demand with sheer willpower and passion for new learning.

Few key points mentioned below for new career choice

  • You should acquaint through knowledge of the new career you are about to choose
  • You should make sure this new career must provide for your financial needs. If not at the beginning but must eventually in the future
  • You should know your competitors of the new business
  • You should know the scope for growth if you choose to work in different industry
  • You should establish a steady clientele, so marketing skills are mandatory
  • You should possess the passion to learn and adapt to your new career

My journey……

Couple of years ago, when I was struggling to find my foot back in my previous job industry I got rejected again and again due to my gap in career. I was frustrated and looking for alternative career. My native place is famous for silk sarees. Whenever, I returned after a vacation or holiday from Chennai I used to buy Kancheevaram sarees for my friends. One of my friend Manjali, suggested me to start a home business to sell South Indian sarees.  And so, I started a small home boutique shop, its now 2 years. During these two years I faced innumerable hurdles and breakdowns. The journey was not at all an easy ride.

Testing the water…..

Before heading down to pursue your new career, it is better to test the water and be cautious.

If you are starting a new business it is best to start by performing a soft launch.

If you are changing to new industry it is best to work as a part timer or on contract for a duration

By being cautious, you can identify the problems and derive the solutions accordingly well before the actual phase. Initially in my business I placed silk saree stalls in community centers and function halls to analyse customer’s requirement and to identify the areas where I was lagging skills.

Image: Taken during one of the events

Paving the road…..

“No pain No gain”

Initial hurdles and struggles tend to pull you down and make you second guess your choice. When I started my business and tried to establish my customer base, mostly middle income group who paid me in monthly installments by cash, I faced with the biggest problem with finance as government passed “demonetization” and “GST”. My customers were unable to pay me back due to cash scarcity. New customers hesitated to buy new products due to the increase in tax.

Time is the solution to all my problems. And, it is taking a lot of time to establish the connection again with customers and increase the sale. Yet, this is still my own business and to me “All will be well again”.

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