Hello there! How are you doing? There is a surprise waiting for you at the end of this article. Yes! you heard me right!

But before that, let me narrate a story of two women, Sheela and Maya. They were well educated and where ever they went they made friends and lead fulfilled lives. Everything was just perfect for them. Then like all good stories, life happened.

They got married and had children and had to take care of elders in their family. As their responsibilities grew, their dreams seemed like well just dreams. All those once sought-after aspirations seemed so far away and unattainable. As frustration built, Maya decided she had to work and put her kids into day care. Sheela decided to stay on as a stay- at-home mom. Though both these decisions were wise, nevertheless they both felt unfulfilled. Sheela felt more and more depressed since her skills were not put to use. She looked at her mom and grand mom and the lineage before her. Were they all not victims to the same situation she was in? Their dreams forgotten; their lives put on hold. Maya on the other hand was always overworked tired and a feeling of guilt overshadowed her wherever she was. She was never able to give hundred percent to her kids or work. Every morning she had to wake up early to pack lunches and rush to work before dropping her kids at day care. The long travel to work was not helping.

These are the stories of most women. But thankfully with the advent of technology and the pioneering role of consultants such as Her Second Innings, the scenario is changing rapidly. Women on a break can now upskill themselves in various easy trending technologies and find flexi assignments to move forward and fulfill their career aspirations. Her Second Innings offers training and Returnship programs on Robotic Process Automation, Cloud Infrastructure, Cyber Securities, Salesforce etc.  So, if you are a woman and, on a break, you might be wondering:  Am I too old for this? Will I have the capacity to pick up technology after such a long break? Fear not, many women have proved their mettle by getting back to work even after a 10-year break. Her second innings makes this transition smooth and seamless.  And the best part is you can even opt for a career change after your break. All you have to do is call her second innings for a free career guidance where you will be provided with practical kick starters to check your appetite for trending career streams. Her second innings also brings industry experts to guide the women community to get insights into trending technologies.

Now for the surprise! Her second innings is proud to present to you Industry Veteran Archana Nehru from Cisco to talk about Data Science and AI trending technology opportunities. So, are you asking, what is in it for me? Well, she will provide you the steps to prepare you to join a fulfilling career in these trending technologies. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to her second innings, a rapidly growing sisterhood of women who help each other grow!

How Women can come back to Tech Roles?

Bringing women back to tech roles

Leadership talk by Archana Nehru (Head Enterprise AI- Cisco India). Watch now: https://www.facebook.com/101742662364627/videos/360779915809692

About the Author

Raga Deepika is a versatile professional who has donned multiple hats as a Software Engineer, Author, Writer, Trainer and a Story teller. Her career spans across a long stint of 12 years in IT and has been associated with Her Second Innings (HSI) for the past few years. With the help of HSI she had upskilled and has got her certification in RPA, UiPath. She is based out of Chennai.

Her Second Innings supports women professionals on a sabbatical in their journey of getting back to work. The mission of HSI is to guide women to achieve financial independence. Support from HSI comes in the form of job interviewsreskilling programs in Automation and, free Career Guidance Counselling. Sign up with us and complete your profile to get a call from our counselors to know your job fit.


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