You may have to bear with me for a few minutes while I share a short recap. Exactly a month ago one of my bestie, Techie by profession and a doting mother, was in a deep oscillation whether to take up a offer from a Tier 2 MNC or to take a break in her career and be a SAHM for quite some time. The conversation lasted long, more than fifteen minutes. She asked me to explain about the career aspects in learning a Foreign Language. At that time I had no idea about it, but I  knew a few people who were pursuing a Linguistic Career. I concluded that I shall help her out once I ask them and let her know about it. That’s the birth story of this post.


  • Self Motivation-Never give up attitude. Experts quote that learners feel fresh during their initial days but their zeal to learn fades when they find some hurdles during their process of learning.
  • Redefine the course-Every learner has a unique style in accomplishing their goals. Be it an online study or direct classes make sure you redesign in such a way that it becomes user friendly. It will help you in progress.
  • Read for Pleasure-An urge to read any kind of literature in the target language. Learn the day to day phrases/words which will lead you to break the complex grammatical structures into a simpler one.
  • Practice makes Man Perfect: Speak to yourself in the second language which you are learning. Spend few minutes to narrate the whole day’s activity in the new language. This helps you out to build your vocabulary.
  • Ignore Myths-Age is merely a number


Languages that are on demand in India:

  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Japanese
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish

Career Prospects

  • Interpreter –Converting spoken language or sign language statements from one to another.
  • Translators-Converting written material into destined language
  • Language Tutor –Serving an institute as a teacher
  • Tour –Translate to foreigners during their visit
  • Patent Examiner-Validate the originality of the content which has been submitted for Patent
  • Journalism or content writer- The one can help an organization to write documents in client’s native language.
  • Government Public Service-Diplomacy, Foreign Service, Intelligence

Courses and other details will follow in my next post.. stay tuned!

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About the author: 

Meenakshi ChandrasekaranI hold a degree in Bachelors of Computer Science Engineering, eventually landed up in a MNC and served the company as a software engineer for 4 years. Rediscovered my passion towards writing during my maternity break, broke my relationship with corporate and currently pursuing blogging as my career.

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