Plan your Year 2021

A new year brings in us the spirit of new beginnings. The end of a year allows us to pause to reflect on what it has been, both personally and professionally. Such reflection also seeds in a vision of how we would like the new year to be. Concreting this vision is the process of setting goals. Though there is scientific evidence of how setting specific goals leads to a better chance of achieving what we aimed for, not many get excited to involve themselves in the process of setting goals.

Here I would like to discuss three things that can stop one from wanting to set goals.

Fear of Disappointment

The fear of failing what we aspire to do is one big reason that stops one from setting goals. Such fear triggers thoughts such as ‘If I fail to keep up with my goals, I will feel sad’, ‘It will be embarrassing when others see me fail’, ‘I don’t always get what I want’. It is easy to sweep these thoughts under the rug by avoiding making goals. These thoughts aren’t always real, and the only way to recognize this is by challenging yourself to set goals.

Not wanting it enough

Setting and working through goals might seem like a herculean task to get going. One cause for this tiredness is not experiencing the highs that working towards successful goals brings about. So start with small goals and experience the euphoria of working it to successful completions. Taking such small steps will provide enough motivation to set bigger and better goals.

Lack of clarity

Not knowing what you want can manifest as stuckness in the process of setting goals. Reaching out to a coach or well-wishers and exploring your areas of strength and passion can help you find clarity over what goals you would like to work on. 

Let 2021 be the year you seek clarity for what you want the year to be, take baby steps to set goals for yourself and act on them. The success of it will make you setting grander goals for yourself in the coming years. 

Jennifer Moses is a Career Guidance Coach at HerSecond Innings and Counseling Psychologist based out of Bangalore. HSI community members can reach her by making appointment Coaching.

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