Today I was rudely woken up from my slumber by the shrill sound of the phone. Still groggy from sleep I answered the phone but after answering I was on cloud nine. I had become a celebrity overnight and I beamed with joy. The journey of my life was going to be published by Internshala an important website. I went into flashback.

The lanky, school-girl who had opted for science in her plus two as she wanted to make her mark in the field of medicine. She came from a lineage of medicos, so it was a natural choice. But it seemed dissecting cadavers was not her cup of tea. So medicine was dropped and the focus was on research. She hoped to discover the ‘Elixir of life’. Armed with a doctoral degree she was ready to face the world. Her only aim was to procure a good job and she was rewarded in the form of a Research Associate-ship. It was a tenure bound project which she completed with elan. She hoped to reach for the stars with her academic excellence but it seems God had other plans for her. She soon found herself in holy matrimony and thus started a new phase in her life. She had procured a good job in a research institute.

But within a year of marriage, she had embraced motherhood and career was put on a backburner. Friends and relatives chided her for leaving her job but she had taken the decision. Her husband’s touring job and no family support made her a hands-on mom. She took a sabbatical from work and became a SAHM to bring up her kids single handed. Being sucked into the vortex of family responsibilities she forgot about her career but as soon as her kids turned from toddlers to teens she found time hanging. She wanted to restart her career after two decades but now it wasn’t easy. She was way behind her peers, technology had advanced and she was naive in that field. Employers scoffed at her C.V gap. She was made to look guilty as she had opted for procreation. Their words pierced her heart and she went into an abyss of despair. The tsunami of emotions racing through her brain made her feel worthless.

But it is said’ A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is, until she gets into hot water.’ That was the case and the lady rebounded with renewed vigour with a creative writing diploma and thorough knowledge of technology. Her family stood by her, helping her to find a foothold. Her dormant passion for writing came to the fore and as it is said a’ strong woman looks a challenge in the eye, and gives it a wink.’ She did the same, surfed the net and procured an online proofreading job with a publishing house. It was rewarding but not a person to be satisfied with this small project she started honing her skills as a writer. Soon opportunities were thrown her way, she became a published author on print and digital media. She carved a niche on International media.

She became a content writer, blogger and above all a confident woman. Today she has her fingers in several pies. She has interned at several places, is a guest blogger and her academic prowess helped her to become The Education Head of a start-up. It seemed she was breaking glass ceilings of a different kind. Having her journey published was a big feather in her cap. As they say age is just a number and her second innings is taking her far than she had dreamt. All these things gave wings to her dreams and we can say’ just when this caterpillar thought her life was over, she turned into a butterfly to chase her dreams.’

And this butterfly is Yours Truly, Dr Preeti Talwar

About the Author:

Dr Preeti Talwar is a science doctorate, freelance writer, blogger, proof reader, content writer with several publications on national and international media. Writing is adrenaline for her soul and being a wordsmith is her forte.

(The author is a guest blogger at Her Second Innings. The opinions expressed are those of the author.)

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