“Anything that is measured and watched, improves” – Bob Parsons

It’s true that work becomes our secondary life. Something so cherished requires constant introspection not only for the Individual, but for the Organization as well. Since ample energy, efforts and manpower is spent at work, it becomes inevitable to ensure it’s on a progressive path.

While some start their careers in their respective field, some might opt for greener pastures offering better monetary compensation. Though in the beginning stages it’s reasonable to experiment, there comes a phase where settling in and constant self-evaluation becomes a must.

The important aspect of Career Tracking is to be cognizant of the person’s academic proficiency, areas of expertise and then setting deterministic career goals accordingly. Having short term goals and evaluating them at regular intervals yields better results. If an individual is feeling stuck in a job that does not add value, it’s better to make a lateral move in the related field to enhance learning and experience. Also, it’s perfectly fine to take a break, sharpen one’s skills and make a comeback.

In today’s era, many companies offer mentorship programs. Apart from imparting knowledge and sharing best practices, such associations do help in understanding where one’s career stands and suggests the improvements needed.

If in course of time, an individual is unable to pace up with the set targets, it’s always wise to seek help from peers or mentors.Also, continuous learning ensures to bridge the skill gap and stay relevant amidst stiff competition.

Comparing one’s career growth against coworkers or friends serves as a healthy measure of self-improvement.  In addition, making a candid evaluation on factors like set targets versus achieved, knowledge acquired will yield better results.

In any situation, it’s better to introspect regularly. While many have a job, only those who constantly assess, equip with relevant knowledge in the field, take corrective actions and make headway become successful. Career tracking serves as an important yardstick in understanding the course of the journey and reap better results.

About the author:

Nithya Jagadish – A commerce graduate with an overall experience of 10 years in the Corporate Industry. Having handled diversified assignments at HSBC and Hewlett Packard, I decided to take a break for a while. Now, a doting mother of a one year old child, I spend my day reading, apprising on my topics of interest and baby-sitting. I strongly believe in living life to the fullest and making the most of each beautiful day.(The author is a guest blogger at Her Second Innings. The opinions expressed are those of the author.)

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