It is true that in today’s world, women are free to work and follow their dreams like any of male counterparts. Unlike the older times where were just restricted household chores expected take care children; many now have liberty choose live on terms.Woman today has achieved far more than previous generations could expected. Be it field, not only shown presence but as well excelled.

Having said so much about modern world society, there still social obligations leading expectations especially women; be compromises career post-marriage or caring for children. Whether a woman part-time employee CEO company, she meet these expectations, putting her conflict between family career. Women considered naturally good multitasking most them manage handle both positions meticulously.

However, many others do not have that luxury and take the tough call between career and family….with the obvious choice being the family and kids. As the years pass, though a woman might be busy managing her personal life, the thought of resuming back to her professional life always lingers in her.

Unless the decision of a sabbatical is taken with proper planning, career comeback herculean task. As for anyone applying job at that stage, whatever be experience level, focus hiring company or employer always goes on to words….There gap in resume. Not impossible but surely it depends various factors. For example, professional break take up courses enhance much more preferred by an health family reasons.

So, what exactly solution? The answer planning best utilization time while break. One needs keep learning and abreast new trends technologies coming market respective fields help growth. Upgrading upskilling main key. This helps present yourself as candidate who keeps dreams goals priority. '>Next comes networking skills wherein constant touch with your ex-colleagues and other professional contacts is an added advantage. Updated profile on job portals, professional networking sites are also the need of the hour these days. It not only helps to get noticed but also might help in landing up with a job offer.

Always remember that while walking on the road leading to your career comeback, you might also hit roadblocks, but a consistent approach and determination would surely help fulfill passion professional goals.

So get up, plan, implement going… will win this battle too!!!!! '>About the author:

Romita Gadoo- Currently homemaker but having a prior experience of around years in IT sector across various domains. For her sketching/ painting along with soothing music the background works as stress buster. And love to have fun time family…be it watching movies or playing games!


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