Women are generally classified as either a weakling who is a totally dependant or a wonder who achieves  beyond imagination. But sadly the world doesn’t acknowledge the category that falls in between these two and also comprises the majority portion of them. These women, who seem to carry on with their daily life, are capable of much more than the skills they possess. “

Aw, come on… enough with the deep meaning words and lines… When a woman takes a break, especially a long break from her career, mostly this is what will happen… “SHE IS HOPELESS, SHE IS DOOMED… Yes she is…” she can be a celebrity, lawyer, doctor, engineer, corporate executive or a house maid. Believe it or not, most of the vacancy needs a profile who is currently working. So, naturally for the few jobs left, demand is low and supply is enormously high.

There are number of reasons women take a break from their work. It can be forced due to circumstances or by their own choice. Either way the gap gets expanding in their resume. In fact, the gap will be the first to be noticed rather than the experience and other many things mentioned in the resume. Every time you take your resume to the interview, the sick feeling forming in the pit of your stomach indicates that your mind already knows that coming job is also going to let you down unless until a miracle happens where the interviewer understands your calibre and recognizes your talent. Of course this is a very thin line.

Okay, since we are done with the sulking. Let’s evaluate the how’s when’s and where’s. Say you are a woman who is working in a corporate sector or an IT industry or any other field. You will be content with the life as it is. But change is unavoidable and so you have planned to take a break.

Before taking it, be certain of the questions below.

How are you planning to take the break? Full time or part time? And how are you going keep up with latest progress in the industry and also keep in touch with your contacts?”

When are you planning to resume your work? And when exactly during the break you should start your preparations?”

Where will you resume back after the break and what are you going to do to keep yourself updated during the break?”

Believe it or not, this planning ahead will at least ensure you a spot in the future for a comeback.

Say, you have resigned without any of the above planning and trying for restart. We can always try to implement the solutions for the above mentioned questions to obtain a job with your same industry. But will it be effective after some duration? The toughest pill to swallow is rejection. But that is definitely not the end. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself engaged with freelance or other internet jobs.

Ultimately, a restart in career need not specifically be a career in your previous or allied industry. It can be terrifying to start something from scratch or build a career from base on your own. All you need is determination and passion for what you like to do and love to work with. Also as per study, women are very good at multi-tasking and managing things efficiently. You need to identify your passion and proceed with it. Of course the ride will definitely not be easy; you will face all sorts of obstacles and emotional trauma. But believe in yourself and you will find solution. After all it is your own work and what’s there to be afraid of when you are the boss!.

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