Yesterday I was on 365th Day of 28th year of my life. Only one year in 20’s then I would be a Trigenerian. Last night before falling asleep I sat for a while to look back into my past, First fifteen years of life is as same as any other kid, catching up on my milestones as an infant, learning fundamental education, running an academic race. During my teenage years preparing for board exam, sailing in science stream to get enrolled into a professional college.

With all expectations I started pursuing my professional degree. Like every other individual I had dreamt of how my college days would be fun filled, explore a lot. But it remained same as my previous years. Model exams, practical were integral part of our routine. I reached pre final year where soft skills was introduced which would help every student to grab an opportunity in MNC.

Final year sowed the seed of responsibility as a daughter and as an individual. I knew after this I could never relive the life of a student. Landed in a decent job. Initially I was overwhelmed about coding for a specific reason (It was my favorite since my college days. I felt it dealt with getting more creative). I had chosen my career. Days passed I realized somewhere deep in my heart my goals were spoon fed by my boss in addition to someone else having a hold on me as well as my time. I just hated it. I got married resumed working till I availed my maternity break.

My little girl changed my life completely. Medical Leave exhausted and I was unable to avail my sabbatical leave due to my companies’ internal policies. With no other option I quit my career halfheartedly. Initial days as a SAHM were quite boring. I felt my state is same as a caged bird. But I never gave up my spirit of creating a niche for myself. I got enlightened with blogging as an alternative source of interest. Initially I commenced it to pour down my parenting experiences so that it would be helpful for other mothers. It reached widely. Though I don’t earn as much as I did during my MNC days I felt this as self-contented. I feel elated when my friends ring me up to enquire about parenting tips.

Finding your passion isn’t about careers and money. It’s about authentic self. The one you‘ve buried beneath other people’s needs.   – Source Unknown

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Meenakshi ChandrasekaranI hold a degree in Bachelors of Computer Science Engineering, eventually landed up in a MNC and served the company as a software engineer for 4 years. Rediscovered my passion towards writing during my maternity break, broke my relationship with corporate and currently pursuing blogging as my career.

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