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Culturally women are looked upon as carers and nurturers. In their quest to nurture others, a want to nurture themselves becomes a low priority. Slowly one starts believing that the purpose of their existence is to be of service to others. For many, this belief blinds and self-sabotages their efforts for their self-care.

Deep-rooted beliefs around self-care could be one such as:

  • Self-care is a self-centered act.
  • By caring for myself, I am stopping myself from caring about others.
  • Self-care is a time-consuming activity.
  • Self-care involves effort and I don’t have the extra energy to spare

How can one break free from these beliefs and start caring about self? It is important to remember that you can not pour from an empty cup. Says self-care evangelist Katie Reed, “Self Care means giving the world the best of you instead of what is left of you.” It is useful to build practices that can fill your cup. If you want to give the best of yourself to the world, it is important to find easy ways to incorporate self-care practices to your existing routine

There are different areas of life such as physical, emotional, spiritual where you begin self-care. In the following weeks, I will be writing simple practices that you can consider to incorporate in each of these different areas of life. You deserve to be worthy of care. Join me next Wednesday in finding what suits you to practice among the many ways you can care for yourself.

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