When you consider alternate career options it may not always be the 9-5 regular shift you have been slogging at during a substantial part of your life. This time round you wish to engage in doing something exciting and different. It may be something you have been wanting to take up for sometime but did not feel it was the right time for it. It is also possible that you have finally summoned the guts to follow your passion. Take a look at some of the possible alternate career options that will allow you to express yourself better.

Delve into Creative Writing If you have always been the closet writer it is now time to come out in the open. Writing is a big industry now with every second person wishing to publish the next Booker Prize category novel. If you seriously feel you have it in you to express yourself perfectly through words, you definitely should give it a go. Moreover, you can also extend your craft to help others benefit. Organize workshops that help others know how they can express themselves. Creative writing is a big and upcoming field with immense potential. Along with being a viable career option it is also an immensely satisfying feeling to see your thoughts flow beautifully on paper. So don’t wait any longer and dip your quill in the inkpot to let the words flow.

Start a Pet BoardingIf you love pets and are unable to get one of your own, there is nothing to get depressed about. The recent advent of a new career option of starting your very own Pet Boarding will help you bring home not one but as many pets as you want. All you will need is a space to board the pets, relevant training and understanding of how to handle pets and a deep love for animals. Moreover, since you will be handling other people’s pets it is important you possess requisite skills to handle medical emergencies. You should also have an access to Vets and animal hospitals so that if things get out of hand you know where to rush to. Once all that is taken care of you can frolic around with your furry friends all through the day with no worries.

Evolve as Gardening ConsultantAs more and more people are moving towards environment-friendliness, there is an increasing number of people who prefer growing their own gardens. If you have a green thumb you can definitely emerge as a Gardening expert and help people carve out a green bounty in their backyard or terrace. Moreover, as a large number of urban population live in small cube sized apartments, maintaining a beautiful indoor garden is more in fashion. Hone your skills in indoor plants and help people do up their homes in varied shades of green.

Start your own cafe If you love having people around you with whom you can chat about almost anything over a cup of hot aromatic coffee then maybe you can think of starting your own cafe. Be innovative with the decor. Make it casual, cozy and comfortable. Throw in a bunch of books to hold on to while you brew the coffee. A good book, people to talk it over with and a cup of hot steaming coffee and life could not be any better. If you are good with your baking gloves, you could also get some hot muffins and other tid bits to fill up your glass shelves. Talking does make one hungry. Running your own cafe will definitely help you do what you like the best and make some quick bucks while you are at it. Evolve as a Declutter and Organizer CoachIf you are good at Organizing the clutter in your homes and have innovative ideas about how to maximize with minimum resources, you can also think of emerging as a Declutter and Organizer Coach. A training in Interior designing is always helpful in understanding the concept of space and size measurements. However, if you are intuitive, intelligent and innovative there is nothing that can stop you from becoming an expert in helping people organize the clutter that accumulates in their home.

Considering an alternate career option is all about delving into your inner self and identifying the real self. It helps you live for yourself as well as others. In addition to giving you the much required financial assistance, it also helps to fulfill your long cherished desires. Take a look around and within yourself to find the right option that suits you the best.You may also want to read other articles written by the same author ‘Tips To Knowing Yourself Better‘, ‘The P-C-R approach to achieve financial stability‘, ‘Emotional awareness for personal and professional success‘, ‘Tips to improve your resume writing‘ ‘Back from the break – 3 tips to make you rock it’ , ‘5 easy and helpful ways to staying motivated‘  .About the author:

Amrita is a freelance writer currently based out of Pune. She has worked  with organizations as a Technical and Web Content Writer. Her short stories have been published on Amazon and on Juggernaut books. She is an avid traveler and her travel stories are available on her blog – Amritawrites.(The author is a guest blogger at Her Second Innings. The opinions expressed are those of the author.)You can reach our guest bloggers by mailing us at support@hersecondinnings.com.Her Second Innings, helps capable women professionals to find their calling in their second innings. Women looking to get back to their careers, or needing advice to pursue alternate career to become financially independent Sign up with us and complete your profile. Feel free to connect with us at support@hersecondinnings.com after completing your registration formalities, our career experts would be happy to have a conversation with you and assist you to take the assessment to gauge your current knowledge level to restart your career.Disclaimer:“This blog claims no credit for any images or content posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images and content on this blog belong to their respective owners. If there is an image or content on this blog that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to appear on this site, please e-mail us with a link to said image or content and it will be promptly removed.”