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There are times where we might feel that we have run a long way and all that we need is a break or a change to refresh ourselves. There are times when one feels tired of the monotonous 9 to 5 job, following the routines and focusing on the deliverable for the day, giving up the dream and following the path that one doesn’t know why he/she has chosen it. Choosing an alternate career is always a wise decision, when you feel saturated and you have reached an end that whatever you do after it would be out of compulsion. Being a fitness trainer is one of the best alternate career option one can consider to refresh the day to day life.

There are umpteen number of options available where you can become a fitness expert. Starting from Yoga Trainer , Personal Trainer at Gym to Zumba trainer, one can see the doors are always open that grabbing opportunity lies with us. Since it’s a super-fast world and people are ending up with various health issues where nobody except the doctors understand the problem’s name, keeping oneself fit for a long run has become mandatory.

Fitness training is continually evolving fast in the past few years, it offers a range of potential career opportunities for the individuals who are interested in becoming a fitness trainer. It’s a flexible career, which would especially suit well for the women, who find it difficult to balance both career and personal life. It gives them moral support for enhancing their dreams and it also motivates them constantly physically as well as mentally.

A fitness trainer works with the client to develop and implement a fitness training regimen that helps them lose weight, get stronger, improve physical performance and maintain the health. But one should keep in mind that to teach someone about fitness, one has to be fit already.

It is necessary to choose the fitness speciality and determine the path. Choose it wisely based on the personal interest and professional goals. Doing a certification on the chosen speciality has become mandatory. There are various institutions that provides certificate on fitness training courses with written and practical examinations. The duration of these courses ranges between 2-3 months and would costs nearly between 20000-30000 INR.

The most important factors that would stay as a driving force for becoming a fitness trainer is the hard work, dedication and converting the pain into series of successful steps. A sound mind is a sound body. Make sure to synchronize both mind and body by keeping it positive and constructive. Follow a strict diet to keep yourself fit. The world is widespread and it has huge space to fly across. It is we who decide whether to flap the wings to explore its tremendous power or to silent out, setting ourselves back due to hesitation. Choose the best to identify your real self.You may want to read another article written by the same author – ‘Tips for writing an exceptional resume‘ .About the author:Mrinalini:  a computer science graduate, with an overall experience of about 6 years in IT industry. Though I had been a techie full time, I always had a love for writing and thirst for becoming a writer. Mother of 3 year old Kid, it took me years to realise, what I needed to make myself end my day completely satisfied. Am a blogger, traveler, adventure lover and an ardent book reader. I read a lot, believe books are the best companions in the world. I love to enjoy each day of my life, as it often comes bagged with full of surprises.

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