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Covid-19 uprooted life as we knew in the last six months. The lockdown brought all busyness to a grinding halt. No travel, no shopping, stay indoors, safe… Our worlds shrunk inside of our homes.

It was small world now after all. more going out work…no waking up early pack snack and lunch for children, driving children school or post-school weddings, parties, get-togethers go. With becoming smaller, lives women should have been relaxed less hectic. But reality turned be contrary many us.

With no paid house help and the enthusiasm of the family pitching in with their share of chores slowing, women took on themselves the bulk of the responsibility of the household. Women became the unofficial health care workers of the family amidst the pandemic, making sure to nourish everyone with timely and healthy home-cooked snacks and meals. Shopping for groceries and supplies became a more tedious project with the added task of disinfecting items. Supporting children with their on-line learning needs seemed like an endless task. Amidst all of this, women ceased to care for themself. The demands and the resulting exhaustion of caring for others overtook the need for self-care in the woman.



Six months into this new way of living, the end to pandemic seems nowhere near in sight. Life is not as restrictive it used be. To keep our family safe, we still hold onto multiple responsibilities. A few do things for well-being others feel control. Many us because think roles demand be so. While there no right or wrong care others, useful pause and about what stops from caring ourselves.

Look out for this space next Wednesday to know why we sabotage our needs and efforts towards self-care and how one can move on to practice self-care.

About the Author

Jennifer Moses is a Career Guidance Coach at HerSecond Innings and Counseling Psychologist based out of Bangalore. HSI community members can reach her by making appointment Coaching.

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