It’s been years since you left your job. Your kids are now in school and don’t need your constant time and attention. Your husband is settled in his job and progressing in his career. Where does that leave you?  In a state of transition of identity and self-confidence that affects a majority of women in late 20s, 30s and even 40s. It is a story of a lot of women as we settle down in our lives confining ourselves in bubbles of comfort not realizing this complacency will come back to bite us later in our lives. Read on to know how to break this bubble –

  1. Take care of your health. While taking care of the entire family, husband and kids don’t ignore your own self. Only a fit person is able to live life to its fullest extent and being healthy leads to both physical and mental well-being. As women we are more prone to developing Diabetes, Cardio-vascular diseases as well as bone problems such as arthritis etc so keeping fit should not be a choice but a necessity. Go for a walk, exercise, do yoga or dance, do whatever you like but make it something which can’t be compromised. Healthy body leads to healthy mind and happy life.
  1. Eat healthy. Make sure what goes inside the tummy is healthy. Be mindful of what you eat by making diet richer in calcium and proteins. Being a woman you need it more once you cross 30. When everything and everyone else is gone, all that is left is your body. Nurture it.


  1. Save money. Try to choose a career of liking and earn your own money. Not only it instills self confidence but also helps in leading life on your own terms as well as may come handy during difficult times. Make it a point to save and invest as and when feasible. Save money and money will save you.
  1. Be independent. Drive or use public transport, go to the market alone to shop, change the light bulb, open a bank account. Do as many things as possible on your own, minimize the dependency. If you haven’t done it before, start today. It’s never too late to learn something new.  


  1. Spend time with your parents. As we get busy taking care of our younger ones we forget that the ones who gave birth to us are also getting older. It is not the sole responsibility of son to take care of parents, don’t let anyone make you believe that.


  1. Take time out for your friends. Family, relatives, and kids we manage to take out time for everyone except our own friends. Nurturing your own relationships is imperative. Whether you are 28 or 58, having a heart to heart talk and a hearty laugh go a long way in making a person happy.


  1. Nurture hobbies. Don’t make others the focus of your life coz when they leave or grow up, you are left scrambling for meaning and purpose of life. Find solace and enjoyment in your own company and for that you need to nurture hobbies from a young age. Read, paint, stitch or knit, grow flowers, cook or click random pictures but do something each day which makes you happy.


  1. Be content with what you have. ‘The secret of being happy in life is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day.’ We all have our own unique life stories with our own share of ups and downs, stop comparing. Try to find contentment in what you have. Someone will always have a bigger house, better car, more money, healthier body or fancier vacations but still be unsatisfied. When you think of it, very little is needed to lead a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

 Let these mantras not be a New Year resolution kind of thing, meant to be followed for a few days and then forgotten. Goals should be such that you are always inspired, moving forward and trying to progress.

Give importance to yourself after all you are the lead performer in the story of your life.


About the author:


Dr Samta Mittal – Dentist by education, writer by passion. In my earlier avatar I taught budding dentists and published a book on my subject expertise. A ‘sabbatical’ from work reignited my dormant love for writing. Sometimes I do freelance writing for health/travel portals as well as blog for pleasure on social, cultural issues & other simple little things of life.

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