Health management at workplace

We are at workplace atleast 8-10 hours in a day, and 5 days a week. Technically that’s roughly 21% in a week  that we spend outside our home in a place where we visit every day, work on computers, share many things with people around us.  Other than the individual health hazards that we face like eye strains, tension neck syndrome, weight gain etc, we also are prone to viruses and infection that exist in the air. We cannot control the workplace environment around us, but we can control our adaptability to the environment. How…? Here are few tips

  1. Crunch the “munch” time – our hands and fingers just move to that cookie/ chocolate/ biscuit/ chips that is in the office pantry or that a coworker has so nicely placed on the desk. It’s very tempting but in its own way stealthily adds on calories and also could make you feel sluggish instead of energetic. Healthy snacks are a good option for munch time. Once you start eating healthy, you motivate others to eat healthy too.

PS: Fruits, green tea, Health bars, and Baked goods are good replacements for high calories snacks.

  1. Increase H20  Intake – 70 % of human body is water and so our diet too requires us to have more water as input to the body. Drinking an adequate amount of water, around eight to 10 glasses a day, helps in keeping the body temperature normal, body hydrated, skin nourished and hunger at bay. Many fruits like oranges, grapes, watermelon, and apples are good sources of water and can be part of the water intake chart.

PS: By 3 pm, when you feel dehydrated and tired, make your body re-energized by drinking water instead of a beverage.

  1. Walk before/ after lunch- Lunch time is the best time to walk. Walking is burning your calories, de-stressing and refreshing too. A good idea to stay in shape. Find a walking partner on whom you can depend on for a daily walk. Someone who will motivate you to walk even when you get lazy or are too busy. Use stairs more than lift, move more than you sit and stay active.

PS: Make the walking time enjoyable by changing routes every now and then.

  1. Watch your Portion size – Eating a healthy and balanced diet as part of lunch is important. One that is rich with proteins, and fiber rather than fats or carbs. But watching the portion size is equally important too. Eventually, you will have to sit for next few hours. So, portion control keeps that in check.

PS: Add more salads, fruits and antioxidants to your diet.

  1. Keep your ENT in check– Yes take care of your Eyes, Neck and Tension- Sitting in a upright position, holding the phone and talking for long hours, and limited movement cause neck and shoulder pain, tenderness. Watching the computer screen for long hours cause eye strain, redness and sensitivity to light. Stress and pressure cause Tension which in turn cause headaches. No job is worth risking your ENT. So, make sure your neck is not bent for a long time, relax your muscles by stretching and try keeping stress to its minimum. You should also be able to comfortably read what’s on your screen at that distance, without having to squint

PS: Keep your screen at arm’s length from the eye level, Use speakerphone while talking and listening, do spot exercises and listen to music to stay focused and calm.

  1. Improve your Immunity level– There are two main factors that impair immunity at workplace. One is burnout which is another type of stress that effects relationships, moods, sleep cycles and efficiency at work. The other is the virus that spreads through sharing of keyboard, mouse, phone, or someone coughing and sneezing without covering up their mouth and nose. When your immunity is low, you are fast to catch small infections and illnesses that could disrupt your daily routine.

PS: Have a daily dose of vitamins, exercise to strengthen immunity level internally. Keep a hand sanitizer, disinfectant, wash your hands regularly to protect yourself externally from viruses.

Staying healthy at workplace starts with you and self awareness. You are more aware of your limits, when to take a break, when to take a vacation, when to walk, what to eat, what not to eat and when to exercise. So, Think Healthy, Be Healthy and Stay Healthy!!!

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