I have been hiring for the last 7 years and hence I speak out of  experience when I say that mothers make highly productive employees. I have seen my mother working all through my childhood and teen years, and I can tell you that it was no easy task. I am not a mom myself, but I spoke to many working mothers to conclude that the number one reason for the correlation between a mother and her productivity at work is that it’s a choice she makes. Each day they choose to leave their children at home, to work for your organization. It’s a sacrifice with high stakes and hence should be one that is worth a lot. So let’s dwell a little on the reasons why Working Moms are highly productive, making them a good hire for your company.

Five Reasons Working Moms Are Highly Productive:

  1. They are highly focused at work

Mothers know the value of time spent away from their children and home. Hence, they make every hour away count. They are well organized, plan their day to ensure the allocated work is completed within working hours and to take no work back home. They are more committed to their jobs. They take lesser breaks and find ways to accomplish the task assigned in the most efficient and time effective manner.

2. They know the importance of building relationships

Working mothers understand the importance of nurturing relationships at work. They have higher emotional quotient and are more empathetic towards others. It is not that other working women and men do not hold the importance of maintaining relationships or empathy at work, but parents have a heightened sense of the same. An article by Forbes stated that people who have the experience of parenting make for better Managers too. They tend to be more patient, know how to nurture and grow talent and learn to listen and accommodate others which is a big boon.

3. They know how to Multitask

Mothers have the precious skill of multitasking. They don’t only get the work done but also ensure that the quality is not compromised. This skill is invaluable at a workplace. Many times organizations feel that hiring a mother will be a liability to the organization. But instead they are serious, dedicated and know how to manage things simultaneously, which is a skill that you cannot teach in a classroom and is hard to find.

4. They don’t hesitate to ask for help

A woman usually does not hesitate to ask for help. This rings more true for a working mom. They do it constantly at home to manage things smoothly. Juggling between work and home is not easy, but they have learned that in a cohesive environment it is doable. Hence, at work too they readily help others and do not shy away from asking for help instead of struggling to do it all. I will go a step further and say that they bring in the synergy that is lacking in the cold corporate world today.

5. They know how to say a no

For a working mom, nothing is more precious than time. So developing the art of saying “no” comes naturally to a mother over time. It is not that she wants to shrug extra work, but when the task at hand is not contributing to her professional or personal goals, then she won’t be afraid to say no. Taking on extra tasks means stretching yourself further. The priority for a mother is very straightforward and hence work-life balance is of extreme importance to her. She will go the extra mile happily if it adds value to her job and skill but if it doesn’t she will be quick to say a no. I feel that’s a skill I will be very happy to develop soon.

I recall at times Hiring Managers hesitating to take on newly married women or mothers. They feel that the work will get compromised, they will have to give them more leeway to things than the rest of the team members and they will be more prone to be irregular at work or jump on the work from home option once too many times. But they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, you will gain a hardworking, dedicated, sincere and highly productive employee and colleague. It is time to change the way we think and find ways as an organization to accommodate working mothers in our corporate ecosystem.

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The first time Susan Kutar (Tamang) realized that words could touch lives, she wanted to be a writer and blogger. She has 7 years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. She likes to write about topics that impact people, which is educational and leaves the reader with something to mull over.

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