Easy ways to stay motivated

Our life is in a state of constant change. Staying motivated as Life frequently meanders through rough patches is a big challenge. However, if you deeply desire something, it is important that you keep going.

As Confucius very aptly sermonises “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop”. Therefore, let us take a quick look at some easy ways to keep ourselves motivated on those bleak rainy days when the whole universe seems to connive against us and keep us from reaching our goals.

Know your Goals

A substantially large number of people often realise, a bit too late, that they have been pursuing the wrong goals. Human beings, most of the times work under the influence of their family and friends. This often results in them taking up not what they want to do but what their associates want. If you waste your energy in pursuing something that you do not really want, you are bound to end up in getting demotivated. Make sure that you follow the goal that you want and not one that your family or your friends think you should want. The need, when it comes from deep within your heart is strengthened with your own energies. They are mobilised with that inner force and will help to achieve your goals faster. Make sure you are motivated solely by your own goals and not something that others want.

Read, Meditate, Interact

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to surround yourself with good thoughts. Positivity is curated by reading good books, meeting positive people, absorbing their thoughts and meditating deeply on all that you have experienced. Meditation helps to calm your mind, enhance your concentration and strengthen your focus. It helps to drive away the clutter that may have accumulated and enables you to re-focus your energies in the right direction.

Take a Break

Life tends to don a cloak of monotony quite easily. Whenever that happens, before the cloak starts to shrink into your skin, you should shrug it off and break free. Plan a vacation, a picnic, or even a run. Do whatever it takes to break out from your claustrophobic environment and let your lungs breathe in fresh air. A change in place is sure to bring on a new angle in your thought processes helping you to tackle issues better. Taking a break is not an optional luxury but a mandatory necessity. Everybody needs to move out in the open far from their closed spaces that they often keep themselves cooped up in. This is important in order to allow the rush of new thoughts flow through your mind once again.

Stop Delaying

Procrastination is a social evil and should be curbed immediately. If you cannot motivate yourself to take up bigger tasks, set yourself short timelines and see what you can achieve within that time frame. It is atleast better than not starting at all. Gradually, you will notice that you are not only able to finish a lot but are also ready for more.

See the End to Reach It

Sometimes when you feel too lacking in motivation to start working on your goal, it is always good to picture the end result. The joy of achieving what you have set out to do, the happiness you will deliver not only to yourself but also to your near and dear ones will help to egg you on in achieving the task. Results are always a great motivator and if you can perceive what you will gain by accomplishing your goal, starting on your task becomes a tad bit easier.

Motivation is critical in keeping us moving to achieve something that we desire deeply. However, it is important that we are clearly aware of the goal and the end results in order to remain motivated enough to keep going strong. Keep yourself cushioned in positivity to add that extra push needed to stay motivated and keep moving.

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